Battlefield 3: Aftermath Premiere Trailer

Check out the trailer of Battlefield 3: Aftermath DLC


Battlefield 3: Aftermath release date announced.

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Pillsbury12463d ago

Crossbow?! Aftermath= epic can't wait for new maps!

Crazyglues2463d ago (Edited 2463d ago )

Finally some new looking characters...

-hope they do a game update too, to fix hit detection on the new maps.. it's a little off.

-But this is looking good so far...
-(hard to tell without actually seeing game-play of the bow in action)


wAnxTa2463d ago

This is MP right? It looked more like a co-op mission.

Detoxx2463d ago

It might be the new Game-Mode, we'll see

Hufandpuf2463d ago

its a new game mode called Scavenge. Players have to find weapons spread across the map to survive. SOUNDS AWESOME!

MGRogue20172463d ago (Edited 2463d ago )

OMG... I'm all in for earthquake tremors occurring during the matches & of course, the crossbow :P ... but, I can only hope to the Battlefield God above the heavens that this 'Aftermath' DLC features huge open maps & not intense but 'close quarters' type of maps.. we already have that sh*t. Please EA DICE, don't screw us BF fans over.. plz! :O

Plagasx2463d ago

From the looks of it, the maps in Aftermath are similar in size to Grand Bizaar or Siene Crossing.

I'm perfectly fine with that. We already have Armored Kill.

Merrill2463d ago

Terrible trailer. Why can't they show actual gameplay instead of dudes walking/shooting in slow motion cut scenes?

swishersweets200312463d ago

i think its to show off the new player models. notice how it would slow in on the USA support, then it show the RU support and so forth.

Merrill2463d ago

There is no actual gameplay, you get no sense of the new maps or the earthquake mode in action. Pointless trailer. I want actual gameplay not pre-rendered cut scenes.

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