Famitsu Polls Japanese Retail, Says Wii Wins Xmas

Cash-for-game-reviews sham Famitsu asked Japanese retailers how they thought the next generation of consoles would fare this holiday season.

1. Which next gen console will, in your opinion, sell better during Christmas?
88% - Wii
11% - PS3

2. With all hardware considered, which console do you expect to sell best after Christmas?
60.7% - Nintendo DS
32.8% - Wii
3.3% - PS2
1.6% - PS3
1.6% - Xbox 360

T-Rac6211d ago

lol...hmm I wonder why PS3 Fan voted lame :D

dbug3606211d ago

Lol……..and I often wonder why xbox 360 fans are always in the ps3 section

Lionel Hutz6211d ago

It is such a shocker to me too! lol

Anyway, does anyone know what the poll sample size was? The link to GameFront (in German I think) did not have the information right there. I used Google page translator, but I still could not find information on the poll at GameFront.

Thanks for the help :)

Boink6211d ago

wii is gonna take over japan...at least until the novelty wears out, and everyone's arms are sore:)

dbug3606211d ago

Yeah that’s so true! The wii is very well suited for Japan people and like you said I think the novelty will wear off, probably quickly to

Lionel Hutz6211d ago

"at least until the novelty wears out"

I agree completely, but would also add "until the PS3 and 360 price drops."

It is because the Wii has two things going for it:

1. The "novelty" you described
2. The low price

The console war is not going to be decided for a few years. The Wii will sell out early, but once PS3 prices and 360 prices drop, many people will have a harder time justifying getting a Wii over the 360 or PS3.

As for MS's huge lead, I think that it will continue for some time but will be not nearly as big in say 3 years from now. By that time, the PS3 price will have dropped and Sony will be putting out greater sales. Granted, people will say the 360 will have a price drop as well at that time and will sell more systems too (And right they are!). Yet as true as that may be true, do you remember how the PS2 took off after its price drop? If Sony can ever get the price down close to the 360's, then I think that they will have a very good chance of taking over the other 2 formats (but not by nearly as much as they did last generation).

TheXgamerLive6211d ago

The XBOX 360 will release "Blue Dragon and Lost oddesey", both have already sent Japanese gamers into a frenzy, now I'm not saying they'll all bite right away but they will soon after. They'll drooling over the games. My guess is they'll love Wii hands down but and this is a big butt, lol, the XBOX 360 will take a good share of that revenue after it's first full qtr. of those releases and a couple others in the works come out. There doing "all" the right things for the Japanese gamer.

TheXgamerLive6211d ago

well we havent seen it in action really yet, it may or may not be good, but the ps3 we have seen and it's been less than underwhelming hasn't it. The ps3 had/has a very bad internal flaw if you will, the machine seems to bottleneck and freeze up on frames on most every game it's demo'd, so unless this flaw among a few others as well are repaired, the ps3 will never have a good reputation among any gamers in any country and wont be a "huge" success that many think it will.

Lionel Hutz6211d ago

why you think that they will bite eventually? Where do you get the idea that they are drooling? History has shown that MS does not do well in Japan, and I do not think that they are about to change a generation of loyalty to Japanese made consoles just because of a few games. I mean, japan purchased just a little over 600,000 xbox1 and xbox 360 consoles combined. 20 million Sony PS2 consoles were sold there. You cannot outsell another system by that much based on game loyalty. It is obvious that country/brand loyalty is the reason the PS2 sold so well there, and there is not much reason to think that it will stop. Sony and Nintendo have dominated the Japanese market in the past, and a few games at TGS and X06 will not overturn such "homers."

"The ps3 had/has a very bad internal flaw if you will, the machine seems to bottleneck and freeze up on frames on most every game it's demo'd"

You really have to be kidding. There was news posted of this happening one time on (RR7 I believe) at TGS. It was 1 console running an unfinished game at 1080p. How many 360 consoles have gone bad? Give me a break. Stop bashing a system and saying that ALL BOTTLENECK because ONE system froze up. All electronics have a fail rate, and the PS3 is no exception. I dare you to try and find one electronic piece of hardware (much less something as complicated as the PS3) that has never failed.

iPod? The battery
Computers? Obviously have problems
360? Overheating.

You cannot fault the PS3 for 1 overheating the same way I cannot fault the 4% or so 360's that fail for overheating as all electronics have such a fail rate. If you're going to be a fanboy, please at least do it with some sense.

TheXgamerLive6211d ago (Edited 6211d ago )

Not speaking on overheating was I? No, I'm talking on "EVERY" game demo'd that's had released video shows either freeze frame or bottlenecking, also there more much more, the bottlenecking was first seen during sony's march show as MGS4 was shown and all Konomi did was show some ingame engine stuff and It still bottlenecked and froze up every few seconds, this is a game that's been in development for over 2 years, and it's still bottlenecking on even sonic type games, so yes, that's a major console flaw and not just 1 machine, that in itself is enough. The RSX is way underpowered for 7 + 1 cores.
Why will they bite as you say.....Didn't you read the posting from the show, over three (3) hour long lines by the Japanese to play those games. Longer lines for any other game or gaming system. They were dying to play them and they loved them. So, as I keep having to say, they love it and will "bite" soon.
So will you.

6211d ago
co_ray6211d ago

no wonder you only have one speech bubble....and from the look of the poll PS3 isnt number 1 in japan, stop posting useless comments, people dont care what you say....anyways, i agree with most of you, wii will be the number 1 for maybe a year, and then ps3 will start catching up, (360 is pretty much finished in japan), the only things that can help 360, Lost Odyssey and Blue Planet, but those wont be enough....