Forza Horizon 'Month One Car Pack' DLC screenshots

GameDynamo - "Enjoy the latest Forza Horizon screenshots, which depict four of the six cars delivered in the Month One Car Pack; sorry, assets for the Lamborghini and the Chevy were not released by Microsoft."

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aPerson2245d ago (Edited 2245d ago )

Day 1 DLC = no buy!

I was looking forward to this game. Guess I'll have to wait for a 'complete edition' next year.

ChunkyLover532245d ago

The Forza series always keeps fresh DLC coming, Forza 4 still gets car packs every month.

Nothing saying you have to buy them, but I'd get used to day one DLC, its something that is probably going to be on every game.

vortis2245d ago

I agree about Forza...
I disagree about getting used to it.

If I want to buy each section of a game separately I'll play free-to-play games, if I want the full thing I'll buy retail games that don't use free-to-play microtransactions.

FordGTGuy2245d ago

This isn't a section of the game it's a 6 car DLC pack this content was developed post gold so it wasn't cut from the main game.

It's been over a month since the game went gold do you think they've been sitting on their hands since then?

jimbobwahey2245d ago

They probably have been sitting on their hands yeah, since these are cars that were already DLC for Forza 4. They're just making people pay for them a second time, no work has gone into them.

FordGTGuy2245d ago

These are not the same models as Forza 4 in fact all Horizon models had to be remade from scratch because of the new lighting system and the illumination of all the interior dashboard during night.

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FordGTGuy2245d ago

What do you think they've been working on since the game went gold over a month ago?

Month One Car Pack comes in the LCE version of the game and comes as a free extra if you buy the Season pass.

aPerson2244d ago (Edited 2244d ago )

It's amazing to see just how many people here have double standards when it comes to day 1 DLC.

When Capcom releases day 1 DLC for their games, people throw fits. When Turn 10/Playground Games do it, people try and justify it.

If you think this DLC pack went into development AFTER the game went gold, you're only fooling yourself.

cyberninja2245d ago

I hate when developers butcher games like that.

greenpowerz2245d ago (Edited 2245d ago )

Creating content after the game is done rather that be from gold status to launch or many years later isnt butchered. DLC is work done after a game is done to add to it.

Mostly kiddies think extra work is butchering and should be free and all future work should magically be included to the game's launch in the past.

The devs bring cars their games often throughout the life of their games.

Did the devs butcher Forza 4 when they worked out the deal with Porsche/EA and then modeled and developed the Porsche cars later?

FordGTGuy2245d ago

Why don't more people understand this? This is content created after the game went gold it was never meant to be in the full game itself.

jimbobwahey2245d ago

Porting DLC cars from Forza 4 to be sold as DLC a second time for Horizon isn't really work.

Likewise, porting a bunch of cars from FM3 to FM4 isn't work either, it's a simple copy and paste job essentially. If you honestly think that they remodeled all the cars again and everything then you're deluding yourself.

cyberninja2245d ago

Day one or even month one dlc is butchering in my book, i see things how they really are.

FordGTGuy2245d ago

Really? If you see things how they really are you would realize that development on the final code for this game ended over a month ago. What do you think they've been working on for the past month?

This is not content cut from the final game this is content created after the final game went gold.

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