Nintendo Wii Multiplayer?

Nintendo's upcoming Wii game console has generated lots of positive press in the past year due to its motion sensing controller and how Wii games are taking advantage of it. Not everything is certain to work out for this new venture. There's still some question as to whether or not the controller will be a hit among consumers, or yet another gimmick that will turn off both hardcore gamers and the new audience that Nintendo is trying to provide.

However, an even bigger issue about the Wii is still a question mark, even inside Nintendo itself. That is the question of online play for the console. It's something that Sony and Microsoft put into the PS2 and Xbox (although they activated it well after those console's releases). Microsoft's Xbox 360 had online multiplayer and other online features out of the box when it launched in 2005 and Sony's PS3 is expected to do the same when it launches in this country on Nov. 17 (although Sony has remained tight lipped about specifics concerning its PS3 online network).

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PS360WII5911d ago

Good read though. Seemed that they covered all the bases about Nintendo's feeling for online. I kind of like the news and weather channels they set up. Easy and right there. As far as multiplayer goes they can take thier time I'll still be able to enjoy games out on it till then.

Krazydad5911d ago

Online? Bring it when it comes. TWILIGHT PRINCESS!!! Enough said ;)

darkrath5911d ago

As far as online goes, it would be nice to have online multiplayer on launch date but with all of the other amazing features, it can wait. My one problem with the article though was when he questioned whether consumers would buy old games off of virtual console without updates. Why would you change the classics? People aren't going to buy them because they are new and improved. They will buy them because the old nes can be unreliable at times and some games are EXTREMELY hard to find, and for $5 per game, that price is UNBEATABLE!