Resistance 2 to use Ratchet and Clank FToD Engine

During an interview Gametrailers.com had with Insomniac CEO Ted Price, the CEO mentions that what we've seen so far of the game has been running off of same engine that powered Ratchet and Clank: Future Tools of Destruction. You can fast forward to the 3min 53secs mark of the video to hear all about it.

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Darkiewonder6007d ago

They used their engine from R1 for Ratchet but optimized it even further. now they are using the optimized engine and tweaking it some more for R2. IT's not like they'll be using a new engine just for the game. that would be silly :P

f7ss16007d ago

he mentioned how they're constantly trying to improve on taht engine, so the final project will likely be a beefed up R&C engine id imagine, which would be pretty sharp lookin

sonarus6007d ago

i knew they would do this before Resistance 2 was even announced. Ratchet and clank engine ran very smoothly but apparently didnt always hit 60fps. Hopefully they will also improve of this for the resistance engine to make it run at 60fps. I am still keeping my fingers crossed. Ratchet and clank had a whole lot of enemies on screen but still ran well however resistance 2 is way more intense so dnt knw if they can still hit that 60fps. However if they do it will silence those ps3 critics who bashed on ps3 for not being able to hit 60fps.

Lifendz6007d ago

If Insomniac wants to get paid, they should sell this engine like Epic sells Unreal. When I see what they're doing with PS3 I just can't put up with nonsense from other devs. Step your game up or, if Insomniac allows it, buy the engine.

What's scary is that they said the jump with their next slew of games will be just as big as the jump from Resistance 1 to Resistance 2. Scary.

SRuN46007d ago

And Rachet used the Resistance 1 engine. So what's the point?

f7ss16007d ago

just thought it was kind of interesting to point out

games4fun6007d ago

i would be surprised if they didnt they make their own engine and optimize it, what are they supposed to do with it?

Shadowmania6007d ago

also confirmed 1080p and 60fps ??

fenderputty6007d ago

games were both 720p. Not a framerate problem with either title though. If they've upgraded the engine even more, I would assume it's possible. Still ... I'm expecting 720p with 60fps.

Kleptic6007d ago

Price definitely confirmed that every game Insomniac makes after Res1 will be @ 60fps...and I thought he said something about 'after R&C everything will be 1080p' also...but can't remember if that was ever fully confirmed...