Crysis Updated Impressions - Dynamic Environments and Adapting to the Cold

The first-person shooter genre could be in for a very big wake-up call when Crysis debuts. The sophomore effort from Germany's Crytek is one of the biggest games on the horizon, thanks to the impressive screen shots released thus far and the reputation the company has earned from the superb Far Cry. As we covered in our last preview, the designers at Crytek want to create a game with a story that's as flexible and advanced as the cutting-edge graphics engine that powers it. In other words, you'll be able to go through the game in different ways instead of experiencing a rigidly linear storyline like that found in so many other first-person shooter campaigns. However, another goal of the design team is to create a believable and dynamic environment to battle in. The graphics in Crysis aren't just there for eye candy, as the game's physics engine means that everything behaves like it should, even when the conditions change drastically. Please note: this preview story may contain minor spoilers of some of the story elements in Crysis.

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Far Cry Villains To Appear In A New Comic

This is interesting news for comic and Far Cry fans as something new in the universe for the game is always welcome. Villains from popular Far Cry games are transported into prehistoric times by the priestess Batari, who has pulled them from their lives before they've committed their most heinous crimes.

-Foxtrot14d ago

"Villains from popular Far Cry games are transported into prehistoric times by the priestess Batari"

Why do they make every f****** thing goofier and goofier

Watch Dogs become whacky, Assassins Creed jumped the shark, Ghost Recon become less serious now this

Garethvk14d ago

I think it is the trend. They look around and say ok; what can be done that will not infringe upon the next game and this is what happens. I heard rumors of the next Far Cry offering may be in Alaska and there was also an Online offering coming. So we get this to tide us over.


Far Cry's entire source code has leaked online

Far Cry's source code has popped up online. Entitled "Far Cry 1.34 Complete", the game's entire source code was uploade…

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Can You Run Crysis In VR? You Can, Thanks To A New Mod

A Crysis VR mod is now available for download, allowing users to experience the first entry in the series in VR

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Rynxie373d ago (Edited 372d ago )

No one cares. The whole can it run Crysis is old, dead and stupid. It's also irrelevant, considering only less than one percent of pc owners, own a high-end PC. Second, I believe Crysis wasn't even optimized properly.

TheColbertinator372d ago

Crysis blew my mind back then and still kinda does.

bunt-custardly372d ago

Let's hope the modders can get the other Crysis games working in VR as they use the same Cryengine.