TGS 06 PS3 Crossbar Menu Demo

Take a look at the full preview of the PS3 interface shown at TGS.

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Solzbury6210d ago

That is the most depressing interface i have ever seen. when i turn on my 360 i am greeted by pretty colors, news, events, my friends list. As opposed to this black dashboard that makes me wanna puke. Sony is losing this console war and i guarantee they won't be in the next one.

dbug3606210d ago

I guess you missed the part where he said “what we are showing you here is NOT complete, this is NOT the final image that consumer will be getting” but than again I didn’t expect you to pick that up....you did buy a xbox after all

Lionel Hutz6210d ago (Edited 6210d ago )

"That is the most depressing interface i have ever seen."

Then obviously you have not seen the PSP's interface since they are basically the same thing :)

I voted cool not because I liked what I saw (even though I did like some parts), but because it's good information on the system.

Onto the video. Although the interface is not as colorful as many people would like, I like how it is very simple and easy to navigate like on the PSP.

I also noticed that SCART was an output option on the PS3, and I heard that it might support SCART but I had only seen that in one old image file comparing the PS3 SKUs.

What I did not like was the picture option of having them "scatter on a piece of paper." Granted, all I would have to do is not use that option, but I think they could have replaced that idea with a better one. I think they just tried to make digital pictures too "real," like making them out to be actual printed photographs.

Aside from that, this is also final proof, as if we really needed any, to those that say the PS3 cannot really support HDMI 1.3. At the NBA 1080p game demo at the end, the TV in the upper left corner confirms 1080p over HDMI 1.3.

Stone Cold SA6210d ago

That's such a fanboy statement, this looks a lot like the PS3 interface and if i'm not mistaken you can add your own background for the PSP, so i'm sure the PS3 will be the same; and i'm not interested in hearing how the Xbox interface is better to you or whatever, the bottom line is if it has all the options laid out methodical then it's all that is needed!

Arkham6210d ago

I love the sharp, minimalist look. I find it more professional than the Exploding (x)Box of Crayons.

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xrobbanx6210d ago

It will be hard to have all the information needed at once on screen.

Just to copy the psp interface is a misstake i think because PS3 will have more functions that will be hard to visualize on this interface

I wonder how they will solve that

Arkham6209d ago

Oops, meant "Disagree'. I think it was handled well in what we saw in the demo. I don't think it's a valid concern.

Ravenator5296210d ago

A horrible online interface!

If only some of you Sony fanbots could see how good "Live" is, you would totally agree with me.

I am not trying to start a flame war. This just looks flat out horrible in comparison.

I know they can't flat out copy the "Live" interface but they could at least make something similar.

Lionel Hutz6210d ago (Edited 6210d ago )

If they did make something similar, then people would just bash them for copying, even it if were not IDENENTICAL and just similar in appearance.

This is a topic on where I am not trying to prove that Sony is right here as this whole topic is basically on personal preference. I like the simplicity, you (and many I may add) do not like the looks. To me that's something I can do without as my game experience is not really enhanced by something that is not in-game. As long as the games are good and I can play online (no matter how bad the setup appearance to that online room is) I feel pretty good.

Arkham6209d ago

Erm, well, then the MS/Nintendo fanatics would return "COPYERS! SONY COPYS!11".

Boink6210d ago

not really impressive, I like the multiple windows with the browser, but again, If I want to browse I will use my pc.

If this is a copy of the psp interface I can see why people are complaining...looked quite annoying.

although I bet they sunk a bunch of effort into making the blue streak thingy that was in the background.

@debug...if this is not close to the final product, I am wondering how much more it will change considering they are launching in a little more than a month.

with what they expect us to pay for this thing, I expect more.

dbug3606210d ago

I do see your point there and I was actually thinking the same thing, but with stuff like this e.g the interface , it can always be updated/changed and I think it will be something that will continue to evolve thru out the entire life of the ps3

PS360WII6210d ago

I can dig it.

"Regular updates for the interface" That was my only beef. Sure it's alot of menu systems but it's everything.
I like the ability for keyboard use. Has the sound, video, pics, music that's even before you get to the games!
He pushed that multiple web page thing alot. I can see that being nice seeing that I always have more than one up when using my pc so why not on the console. Once again I can point out that you can use the keyboard on ps3 very handy.
I'm not sure what news your talking about #1 with news on the 360. I have the 360 but I don't see a news channel there. However, I could pop up cnn.com something like that from my ps3 and bam! more news then I could handle.
Just hope the regular updates don't get to crazy.

Lionel Hutz6210d ago

Thanks for that post since I forgot to mention it above. I know some people will just say that you can go online on your PC, but it is often much more convenient to do it right where one is at (My TV is downstairs, but my PC is upstairs). This will come in handy several times.

Some situations I can already see:

1. Looking up my fantasy football team during Sunday games.

2. Checking my email from my couch instead of on my chair.

3. Reading this site about my PS3 from my PS3 on a 46" 1080p screen as opposed to a 17" 1280x1120.

4. The elimination of the need for a HTPC. The recording is done by the DVR. The games are done by the PS3. The movies are done by the PS3. The internet is done by the PS3. Pics are done by the PS3. Thank God I don't have to build another machine!