THQ Publisher Sale On Xbox Live From October 16th - 22nd, 2012 Detailed

If you're a fan of all things THQ, take notice because they have placed a lot of games and DLC on sale this week.

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Relientk773298d ago

The games prices will "drop by 50%"

awesome hope so


TrendyGamers3298d ago

They already announced that Metro 2033 would be 50% off so it would make sense for everything to follow suit.

TitanUp3298d ago

so 50% is supposed to be a good thing? 75% is what im used to

TrendyGamers3298d ago

Some content is cut up to 75%.

MasterD9193298d ago

Is metro worth picking up? I'm leaning towards yes...but I hear it's got very little replay value and is quite linear.

Rivitur3298d ago

Yes, It's atmosphere is great, story is good, and why the heck would you skip a single player game based on replay value isn't the point to experience the game at least once? (though that's why achievments are there for replay value also there are two different endings)

MasterD9193298d ago

I've heard good things about it too so between what I know, what I like and what you said I'll definitely be grabbing it on sale.

$9.99 is a steal and I haven't seen the retail hard-copy go down that low yet (which I was waiting for). Picked up Crysis 1 on sale, looks like Metro has a new home on my HD now.


TrendyGamers3298d ago

It's definitely worth $10.