Rumble Roses XX demo on the Marketplace

Japan have enjoyed big boobed wrestlers for a while now, however the rest of us can enjoy the demo which is now on the Marketplace.

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Cyclonus6210d ago

soft-core lezzie action. Im THERE!!! >_>

OutLaw6210d ago

This game was just a load of crap. The graphics could have been better. The game wasn't even that much fun.

RealDoubleJ6210d ago

now i can download this, let my brother play, and then i don't have to explain to him that there is no way in hell i'm buying this game for him to oggle. Bring on Smackdown & the TNA game

Marriot VP6210d ago

i thought this was a fighting game, and those I despise because they're only kick, punch, throw, suplex...and then do it again in a different order. But this game is built for perverts, come on a photo op mode with video sims.

bumnut6210d ago

why are only half the xbox 360 controllers buttons used, this game is terrible im glad i did not buy it.

i like the way the background is blurred so you cant really see the lack of detail and poor graphics.

its games like this that give ps3 fans a case against 360

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