Rumble Roses XX demo on the Marketplace

Japan have enjoyed big boobed wrestlers for a while now, however the rest of us can enjoy the demo which is now on the Marketplace.

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Cyclonus6581d ago

soft-core lezzie action. Im THERE!!! >_>

OutLaw6581d ago

This game was just a load of crap. The graphics could have been better. The game wasn't even that much fun.

RealDoubleJ6581d ago

now i can download this, let my brother play, and then i don't have to explain to him that there is no way in hell i'm buying this game for him to oggle. Bring on Smackdown & the TNA game

Marriot VP6581d ago

i thought this was a fighting game, and those I despise because they're only kick, punch, throw, suplex...and then do it again in a different order. But this game is built for perverts, come on a photo op mode with video sims.

bumnut6580d ago

why are only half the xbox 360 controllers buttons used, this game is terrible im glad i did not buy it.

i like the way the background is blurred so you cant really see the lack of detail and poor graphics.

its games like this that give ps3 fans a case against 360

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Looking back to 2006 and the Furtive Fumblings of Rumble Roses XX

Paul writes: "What this somewhat rambling introduction is leading up to is another entry in this very niche category - Rumble Roses XX which was first released way back in 2006. On the surface this release from Konami appeared to be just another one of ‘those’ games, but hiding beneath the scantily clad ladies was a surprisingly competent wrestling game."

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masterfox1169d ago

Cant remember all the details lol, but overall the controls of your character and gameplay were spot on, and yes the characters look pretty nice ;) , not sure if a game like this can be release today with current gen visuals cause all the delicaly in feelings some demographic has.

gamer78041167d ago

yup, sjw's don't want people to have silly fun.

ED-E1167d ago (Edited 1167d ago )

RR XX wrestlers wore skimpy outfits and had suggestive/silly moves at times, it's tame compared to what you find nowadays on Steam. The real problem was the horrible sales worldwide. Less than 100.000, and I was one of them. I really enjoyed it back then, but professional and casual reviewers were both very mixed about it. So this is more of a reason why we didn't see a follow-up to it.

You still find sexy/silly games like that on consoles too, just google for adult games for PS4. But no matter which game you enjoy, there will be a group of people who don't like and are vocal about it. There is no need to get secretly scared or sarcastic about it and there is no need to like something because you know someone gets pissed off.

An interesting sidenote, Kotobuki Shiro, the character artist of both Rumble Roses games (there was PS2 one), was paralyzed from the neck down and painted all the girls with a pen in his mouth. He died a couple of years ago, but you can find a video of him on YouTube.

Stevonidas1167d ago

I still have the PS2 original. Good times.

nommers1167d ago

Really wish more Rumble Roses games would be made. There's been tons of 2D fighting Dead or Alive type or similar 2D fighting games (many on PC for obvious reasons) but not in the wrestling genre of all things..I mean you'd think there would at least be one more by now at any form since the wrestling genre is just perfect for this style of game.

annoyedgamer1167d ago

I remember this game. That and DOA4. Those were the guys used to talk about and play when parents werent around. Good times.

autobotdan1167d ago

You can still play this game on a Xbox Series X via backwards compatibility

Servbot411167d ago

One more X and I think this would have sold a lot better!


Zone of the Enders HD and Rumble Roses XX now on Xbox Backward Compatibility program

Konami on Twitter: "Game alert! XBOX users can now get Rumble Roses XX and Zone of the Enders HD Collection via the Xbox One Backward Compatibility program starting today!"

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littletad2101d ago

Wow, lol. That saves me from getting the Mars Second Runner version for the ps4. Now just need the metal gear solid hd collection.

ApocalypseShadow2101d ago

One has vr. One doesn't.

Metal gear vr missions in vr would also be great using Aim.

littletad2101d ago

I'm not convinced the tech in VR is at it's stride yet, so I haven't invested in VR, least for consoles. I'm just happy to use my copy. Plus I think the HD collection contains the first game too. The updated Mars version is only for the second game.


Top 5 Xbox 360 Games that Should Stay Xbox 360 Games

Backwards compatibility has brought Xbox 360 games to the Xbox One. Fans have raved about the compatibility options and new games are added to the availability list often. Now a lot of Xbox 360 games can be enjoyed on Xbox One. While this is defiantly a nice addition to Microsoft next gen gaming console there are some titled that are better left in the past.

DirtyPete3063d ago

I'm all for adding new backwards compatible games. I think all games should be but I personally I never need to play Banjo Kazooie Nuts and Bolts again x) Great soundtrack not the best banjo Kazooie game in the world...

Jmanzare3061d ago

Well it's on rare replay soo....
Also kinect sports is on the list and kinect sports rivals exists on xb1

DarkOcelet3063d ago

"It is more than likely that Halo 4 will end up on the backwards compatible list. "

Isn't Halo 4 already available in the Master Chief Collection?

It doesn't need to be in the BC when an already improved version is out there.

esmittystud1013062d ago (Edited 3062d ago )

I fully agree. I think if there is already a remastered version on X1 or PS4 they shouldn't bother with BC for X1 or the whole "PS2 on PS4" or PS3 games on the PS Now service. I have to laugh every time I see PS3: Uncharted 3 on PS4 on there PS Now service when Uncharted: TNDC is sitting on my stand.

They could totally get rid of the PS Now service and it woulnd't bother me any. I do like there "PS2 on PS4" service which is only a one time fee and its yours, not a streaming deal either. They just need more games on it thats all. Same with BC on X1 though. The lists need to be deep. If you wasn't gonna go deep then why even have the services all together. I know BC on X1 is only two months old but they should have had more games on it to begin with. Especailly popular series that everyone wanted - Red Dead Redemption, Bioshock series, Treyarch Cod series: WAW, BO1, BO2.

Honost though, I want the Treyarch Cod games, but no online support, would turn boring pretty quick. Plus its hard to play a CoD on X1 with no online support when you can be playing the same game on Xbox 360 with online support. Mainly wanting Cod's for zombies though.