Half Of UK Men Would Swap Sex For 50 Inch TV

Nearly half of British men surveyed would give up sex for six months in return for a 50-inch plasma TV, a survey -- perhaps unsurprisingly carried out for a firm selling televisions -- said on Friday.

Electrical retailer Comet surveyed 2,000 Britons, asking them what they would give up for a large television, one of the latest consumer "must-haves."

The firm found 47 percent of men would give up sex for half a year, compared to just over a third of women.

"It seems that size really does matter more for men than women," the firm said.

A quarter of people said they would give up smoking, with roughly the same proportion willing to give up chocolate.

Anego Montoya FTMFW5775d ago (Edited 5775d ago )

Get yourself a 1080p TV and The Eye Toy.

think about it.

bym051d5775d ago

So, what does this say about the quality of UK women?

THE_JUDGE5775d ago

say. I live in the states but I didn't think that the mother lands women could be that bad, I mean at least they have Gemma.

f7ss15775d ago

i would glady abstain for a month maybe 2 for a 50 inch high def haha

blacsheep5775d ago

who have sex and straight after get to relax watchin a 50inch tv gods?

not rub it in but................

spandexxking5775d ago (Edited 5775d ago )

guess i fall in that half too! hey at least ive still got my hand and damn big screen for my pr0n
plus weve got kelly brook and kiera knightly oh yes!!

marinelife95775d ago

I already own a big screen so it would boil down to who I got to have sex with for six months.

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GodsHand5775d ago

With todays prices you could buy one at a pretty decent price. I got mine for $1800.00 3 months no intrest from bestbuy. 56" DLP from Samsung.

Mr PS35775d ago (Edited 5775d ago )

All of the So called men that were surveyed were infact Xbox owners !!

Now everyone knows what your average Xbot looks like and they for sure have no chance in hell of ever gettin laid !!

And they for sure aint ever gonna be able to afford a 50inch TV so obviously when asked the spotty retarded Xbots are gonna pick the TV !!

Because the Xbots have absolutely no clue what to do with a female !!
I mean imagine this Xbot meets a girl and his chat up line is
" Do you own Halo 3 "
I rest my case

Azurite5775d ago

any TV or any quantity of them.

If it in some unfathomable way saved the lives of those I held dear, sure, I'd do whatever it took.
For worldly things, though, there's no way.