Top 13 Worst Video Game Endings

Most games have wonderful, memorable conclusions. Sadly, some games don't. These are 13 of the worst video game endings.

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richierich2219d ago

WTF???? FF7 had one of the best endings in videogame history, who ever wrote this article hasnt got a clue. Look at the Call of Duty series endings and Ghost Recon Advance Warfighter series why arent they on the list????

Godmars2902219d ago

No. FF7's ending was too ambiguous and gave no reward or real hint about the fate of all of your characters.

jjevangelista2219d ago

This was a list of games that I've personally beaten. I've never played Call of Duty or Ghost Recon Advance Warfighter, which is why I didn't include them.

And I agree with Godmars290. That's why VII is on the list. Up until the reveal with Red XIII, the end was amazing.

Pozzle2215d ago

I think a lot of people played the later games like FFVIII and FFX first, so when they went back the earlier ones like FFVII they were left feeling disappointed that the ending wasn't as epic as those later later FF games. Because at the time of its release, FFVII's ending was very impressive. Both visually and emotionally. Sure, it might be lazy and ambiguous by today's standards...but this was back in the day when developers were still getting used to making games in 3D. Many games back then were still just ending with credits and a "The End".

Godmars2902219d ago

Again have to mention my 1-1 page pet peeve for top lists, but at least here things are coded so the page doesn't have to reload.