Blu-ray Demo Disc To Come With PS3 At Launch?

The rumour mill creaks into gear today with much Internet discussion regarding the possible inclusion of a Blu-ray demo disc designed to erm, demonstrate how lush films can look given the high-def treatment.

Basic Instinct 2, xXx, RV, Training Day, Hitch, Resident Evil Apocalypse, Black Hawk Down, Layer Cake and Saw to name a few – could well be available to sample with the PS3 launch. Then again, maybe not.

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shotty5914d ago

Sony, I could have swore the future was digital distrubution. Anyways why not preload the content onto the harddrive like what microsoft did with the xbox 360.

Marty83705914d ago

Probably cos it would take too much room up.Blu-ray could be like 25Gb or 50Gb.Makes sense.

D3acon5914d ago

I heard that Sony might even allow you to download these demos at launch, that might be the cheapest route, however a disk is much better in my opinion. I hope this turns out to be true.

CAPS LOCK5914d ago

i hope they have some game demos aswell. i am a movie buff but i do want to test games aswell, i hope they do the same thing with the ps2 and gives a game demo and film demo aswell.

OutpostCommand5914d ago

Well, with both the PS1 & PS2, there was always a demo disc, so there is little reason for there not to be one this time.

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The story is too old to be commented.