Better Than The Wiimote?

You know -- at least by having read about it -- how realistic those games are on the Wii, what with being able to move the Wiimote as though it were a tennis racquet or whatever else. The Wiimote has competition, though not for the first time (there's the Sixaxis controller for the PS3 as well). But Satayan Mahajan, chairman of Boston-based Motus Corporation, says the Darwin allows for even more realistic gameplay.

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OC Shock Value5004d ago

LOL @ The Title of this story

KYU21305004d ago

so when i first saw this i thought someone made a lightsaber for the Wii.

Blank10175004d ago

Wait... you mean to tell me the owner of the company is saying his product is better than the one he wants you to replace?? Wow, who'd of guessed that...

I'm sorry but for a $90 price tag that thing better be pretty damned amazing!

rawg5004d ago

Using that remote while seated would make you look like you're "punching the clown" if you know what I mean...

wiizy5004d ago

just like the sixaxis was not competition for the wiimote ..the wii remote is the original and cannot be beat, until nintendo makes a new one

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