GameStop's Holiday Trade-In Promo and 360 Bundle Joint Announce

Gaming Update's CM Boots-Faubert takes a look at the GameStop Holiday 2012 Console Trade-In Promotion, and the extension of its Double Value rewards element being applied to game platforms including the traditional consoles as well as iOS and Android based tablets.

In addition to offering customers double value on gaming device trade-ins for in-store credit, GameStop has subtly hooked the offer to its other holiday and special promotions, including the annual Xbox 360 Holiday Bundle and its GameStop-branded special edition of the upcoming Assassin's Creed III, which includes an additional 30% discount when gamers combine it with their trade-in.

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Om3ga3703167d ago (Edited 3167d ago )

Sounds pretty cool.

whitesoxfalife19763167d ago

oh hell to the nawl on this deal...... after all the trade up u still coming out of pocket for something, lets say i want the halo 4 edition console i still wud have to come out at least 250 cuz my system is 4gig with a 320 gig hard drive in it hell nawl so if i take te hard drive will that get double too? nope cuz its not on the list accessories dont get a good return back so no to this whole deal now on the other hand if u have an ipad 3 well u can real good cash i mean credit back 800 is good thas a wiiu plus halo 4 edition console but who is willing to give up their ipad3 for that?