A New Take On An Old Commercial

This Wii Vs PS3 commercial was quite funny. Seems like a lot of people trying to do their own rendition of it. There are no hot chicks involved but it gave me a laugh!

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CAPS LOCK5906d ago

not what i was expecting, i thought it would be better but i guess it was lame.

THAMMER15906d ago

It was just painfull to watch.

khsmooth5906d ago

The commercial is in it's early stages...we at bg21 wanted to test the waters with it so we said "Hey go for it" lol. Hopefully soon we'll be able to have the whole show which is what the site is based on. I hope all will continue to visit us and continue to battle with us. Thank You

khsmooth5906d ago

...there's some broken links due to the fact that we have to get more stable servers sorry about the look, but the articles are stil a good read. lol

ChickeyCantor5906d ago

he is trying to say the motion was there before nintendo had one......? think again sony it even was in the GBC, even if you had the hardware you never used it.
this is lame :S

tomfrommyspace5905d ago

I wasn't expecting it to got that well. This video is pretty funny. Really!