Sega, Square Enix, Where The Hell Is The Next Skies of Arcadia and Chrono Trigger?

By owner & editor-in-chief Furious Francis

Chrono Trigger and Skies of Arcadia were standout RPGs for their respected systems. Both games have made multiple ‘Top games of all time’ lists building massive cult followings, with fans longing for the next entry in each franchise. Where are these two games? What is the latest news on any possible sequel? The information found points to one of these games having hope while the other is presumably doomed.

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Godmars2903060d ago

I'd ask too but I think I know: the generalized 1st and 3rd person focus for gaming engines has limited the styles of games that can be done.

Theyellowflash303060d ago

If thats Sega or Square Enix's excuse then thats total BS!.

Godmars2903060d ago

What excuse other than excessive resource requirements and inexperience do you think Square has for not having towns in FF13 when FF12 had cities?

As for Sega can't really say anything about them, but then they haven't really done anything this gen but remakes. Valkyria Chronicles who main gameplay focus was representing infantry combat.

crxss3060d ago

not sure if the author knows Chrono Cross exists

Theyellowflash303060d ago

Im aware of Chrono Cross but that game came out over 10 years ago.....

crxss3060d ago

Then maybe you should rephrase your article or title? Because Chrono Trigger had a sequel.

Theyellowflash303059d ago

I would like to see a sequel in the vain of Chrono Trigger not Chrono Cross. Nothing against the game but both games came out a long ass time ago. A sequel is needed wheather its Chrono Cross or Chrono Trigger

Chrono3060d ago

Cross exists and it's even better.

MWH3060d ago

no it's not.

Cross was good but it pales compared with what Trigger had to offer.

Tetsujin3060d ago

Chrono Trigger is what introduced me to RPG's back when I was 13; Cross was "ok" but didn't set the standard

crxss3060d ago

Cross improves a lot of what Trigger introduced. But since Trigger was first, for most it holds a special place in their hearts and they would never admit that Cross is better.

MWH3059d ago (Edited 3059d ago )

wrong again.

while Cross's visuals were indeed impressive at the time and so was the music, story wise and characters however were short compared to Trigger.

it's not about nostalgia, at least not this time. Trigger Aced every aspect of the RPG genre, everything a gamer aspires to experience. Cross on the other hand, although good, but it lacked the heart that Trigger had.

EL Lanf3060d ago

And people complain about sequelitis... Sure these were brilliant games, but can they not be left at that?

Wouldn't it be better if they could just make new IPs that are on par with them?

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The story is too old to be commented.