Dear Sony: Everybody's Doing It.

Nintendo and Microsoft cut the purchase prices of their respective current-gen consoles today in preparation for the upcoming holiday season. With increased value coming from Microsoft and Nintendo via today’s price drops, coupled with the fact that Sony’s original slim doesn’t seem to offer the same value of the newer model, is it time for Sony to drop the price on the older model? More importantly, seven years into the current console cycle, is it time to see a PS3 price-drop across the board just like we saw today from Microsoft and Nintendo?

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gameplayingfool2896d ago

They at least need to drop the price of the old slim.

"So how much will a 500 gig Super-slim with a copy of Assassin’s creed 3 cost you when the bundle releases on October 30th? Yup, $300. 180 extra gigs and a newer game for the same price. Hmm…"

smashcrashbash2896d ago

Yeah it's like no one gets that. You are getting a lighter more efficient console with 180 extra gigabytes plus a $60.00 game for the same price. I know that won't make a difference to indifferent buyers but I would think gamers would see the value of it. You are getting more value for the same price.

jimineyscrickets2896d ago (Edited 2896d ago )

Here is a great question. With likely only one more year left this gen, how many people will actually fill a 500 gig HDD?

tuanmatized2896d ago

cause it's "lighter"? lol

Controversy2896d ago

If Sony dropped the 160 gig from $250 to $200 I'd be calling my friends who still don't have one and letting them know that now is the time. (Cheap bastards.)

Eyeco2896d ago

Does that even matter ? it's not like Sony's gonna drop all support for the PS3 once the PS4 is released, when my PS2 broke in 2006 I went ahead and bought a Slim and gamed on that until late 2008 when I bought a PS3.
And even still there's a huge back log of games on the PS3 , 360 and Wii I seriously doubt you've played every game this gen has to offer, I mean heck there are even some PS2 games that I've yet to play let alone PS3.

Honestly I've never really seen the point in buying a console at launch, I just don't see it as a worthy investment, I prefer to buy my console 1-2 years into its cycle that way you can see which direction it's headed on top of that you've got a sizeable back log of games to play as well up and coming games to look forward to. When I bought my PS3 in 2008 which was the best time to buy the console, 1st game I bought MGS4 bam, next 2 weeks Resistance 2 Bam 2 weeks after that LBP bam, a month later Killzone 2 Bam... see where im going with this?

jimineyscrickets2895d ago

I'm surprised how many people apparently didn't like that I asked about filling the 500 gig HDD. I was literally asking out of curiosity. I love my PS3, but most of my games are on disc. I literally just wanted to see how many people think they would fill a 500 gig HDD. Yay PS3!

sikbeta2895d ago


1* It's more expensive, doesn't matter if it's $10 more, fact is: it's more expensive

2* What IF people just want the console, not the game and not a bigger HDD?


Black Friday deals alone will be insane for X360 units, I guess sellers would try to match deals with "added value" for PS3, but for the casuals:

cheaper > value package

tuanmatized2895d ago (Edited 2895d ago )

this is what Sony has been saying from day 1,

"you're getting more value."

600 dollar machine.

Sony still has that same mantra going, and look where they are now, 3rd place at the end of this generation's life cycle.

Sony needs to change their approach, next Generation.

Beast_Master2895d ago

I think what people are indifferent about the new PS3 model is that it is one of the first times I can remember a new version of a console has come out but the price didn't go down. I want to buy my little brother a PS3 for x-mas this year. when I heard about the new model the first thing I thought was, good should be $199 purchase this year, perfect. Well still gonna pick it up, but may need to punch some heads on black friday to get the price I want. lol

ConstipatedGorilla2895d ago

Who cares what you get for $300. Maybe some people don't want AC3 or plan on filling up a 500 gig HD. Just lower the damn price already.

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DivineAssault 2896d ago

ppl who are replacing or upgrading their older models might.. Any new comers may go for the 250GB model

Wigriff2896d ago

I am still using a 40GB "fat" model, and it runs superbly. I do wish I had more HD space, since I have had to delete things in the past to make room for more games. It hasn't been a critical issue, though, and isn't significant enough to warrant upgrading at this point. I'll just wait for the ps4, unless the Grim Reaper comes for my ps3. *knocks on wood*

Pillsbury12896d ago

@wigriff I also have a 40gb fat ps3 and I upgraded it to 500gb, best thing I ever did. Since I got ps plus I needed a bigger hdd it's a very easy and great way to add needed space.

Wigriff2896d ago

@Pillsbury1: You can just pop a SATA drive in a PS3 and the OS will install itself automatically, right?

The main reason, honestly, that I never put in a larger harddrive is because I would have to re-download all my PSN games. As you know, the PSN can – and usually is – slow as hell. That is actually my biggest complaint about the PS3; it just takes for-fucking-ever to download stuff, and I know it's the server, because i'm on a 50MB line.

insomnium22895d ago (Edited 2895d ago )

Where do you live Wigriff? I DL stuff from PSN with a full bandwidth that is available for my house (a 24 MB connection with almost 2MB DL per second). I don't see a problem of "slow PSN" whatsoever. I'm sure you can roughly estimate your DL per second. It would be interesting to know if you are just whining over nothing or a legit complainer with a slow PSN.

You could even take a video of it and post it on youtube or something if you REALLY want to convince people with that tired old consolewars BS comment.

Wigriff2895d ago (Edited 2895d ago )

@insomnium2: Console wars BS? I have roughly 100 PS3 games, and about 12 360 games. I think it's obvious what my preferred console is. I'm just a realist, and reality over the last 7 years has shown me that the PSN is considerably slower than what it should be. I am in Illinois, using a Mediacom business line, and have zero problems with speed from any other service other than iTunes, which is also notoriously slow. Way to be a standoffish prick without provocation.

kneon2895d ago


I expect your problem is your ISP, I have no speed issues at all with PSN on my 75mb/s connection and I know some ISPs throttle back PSN and other sites. The fact that you have a business line makes it even more likely that it's being throttled.

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GenericNameHere2896d ago

What I don't get is why these people only think about new gamers. Uneducated people (like Grandparents and non-gamer parents and whatnot) will definitely go for the Wii U because it's a new console, so stores will be advertising them a lot. Or maybe the 4GB Xbox 360 because it's the cheapest one.
However, what Sony has are pretty great bundles! The Uncharted 3 GOTY Edition bundle? That's $279 altogether. By itself, the U3GOTYE would be about $40, Dust 514 with the $30 voucher is $30 (that's if DUST514 is free-to-play, and the game is free), 1-year or PS+ is 50, all coming out to $120. That would make the Super Slim $159, only $10 more than the cheapest Xbox 360 model, and it has 250GB compared to the 360's measly 4GB. That's already a much better deal in my opinion (but then again, the SS is not by itself, so I know you are all going to bash me for that).
If you don't like U3, there's also an AC3 bundle for $300, and has a 500GB memory and 1-year of PS+, but no DUST514. That would make the extras worth $110, meaning the SS was $190, which is still pretty cheap.
This is a pretty good deal who wants to get a new PS3 again whether they sold their old one, wants to buy the new PS3 SS, or had their old ones break.
This holiday season, all 3 major console makers have 3 different strategies. Nintendo with the Wii U, Microsoft with the cheapest console of this gen, and Sony offering to have bundles that gives a bang for your buck.

humbleopinion2896d ago

I think this is because you don't understand how pricing works: people who buy the bundle don't really consider the games and perihperals as worth the retail asking price.

And if they did, the X360 bundles will still look better. Consider this:

Xbox 360 slim 4Gb + Kinect Adventures (30$) + Kinect Sports (30$)+ Kinect (recently reduced to 110$) all for 250$. This puts the base 4GB Model at a "supposed price of 80$. Considering this perceived view the PS3 super slim is actually priced at twice the base price of the cheapest X360 model! 80$ for a console, can you believe this?

Xbox 360 250GB + Skyrim (60$ - amazing how it still holds the original retail price) + Forza 4 (40$) at 250$. So this means even the 250GB Xbox 360 model is still perceived as cheaper than the 250GB PS3 - it's not just the base model.
If we tally all this it just seems like a better bang for your buck than the PS3 bundle. But I don't think that anyone is actually operation this way, and what people should be asking themselves is if they actually want skyrim/forza/uncharted/dust in the first place.

Oh, and I didn't even include here the free 3 months of live gold you get which is officially priced at 25$ (although you did include the 1 year PS+ service in your calculation). This will make the base price even cheaper.

Oh_Yeah2895d ago (Edited 2895d ago )


you forgot to mention that in order to play the other half of your game, the costs xbox users 60$ a year. so in actuality if youve been paying for live since launch...that 400$ console ends up being 820$...oh plus the wireless adapter that you needed, making it a total of around 920$ to have the full experience. and they say gaming pc's are expensive? lmao!

Zhipp2895d ago

You do realize that some PC games essentially require you to have an XBL Gold account to play online, right?

insomnium22895d ago


PS3 is a BD player too :)

Oh_Yeah2895d ago (Edited 2895d ago )


Yeah, mmos like world of warcraft thats it. All the games that youd regularly get on console though (multiplats) and other non mmo games? no man.

Hey microsoft, do free online! everyone else is doing it.

Lvl_up_gamer2895d ago

@ Ockbar

That's a poorly thought out comparison.

Why would MS stop charging for XBL simply because it's competitors don't charge yet?

MS make hundreds of Millions off of XBL. Why would they choose to stop making money off of arguable their most profitable service?

This article as talking about how Sony should be lowering their cost so that the PS3 would be more attractive to buyers. No company would exist if they sold all their products and services for free.

humbleopinion2894d ago (Edited 2894d ago )


Your comparison is irrelevant. GenericNameHere compared perceived current bundle worths, not how much money Xbox live costed in the past 4 years and what features it does/doesn't have VS the PS3. I simply answered to GenericNameHere about the actual base price of the console itself.

Abiding to your logic, in order to have actual cross-gameplay chat on the PS3 (something gold members on the Xbox 360 have) you are actually required to buy a phone with subscription plan, a PC with Skype, or an Xbox 360 that gives you this kind of capability. So that makes the PS3 like what? A 1000$+ machine?
(and that's before adding to the price the fact that the more expensive PS3 sixaxis controller batteries ran out at some point, so you then have to replace them at a higher price point than simple AA batteries, not to mention having to re-buy a dualshock controller if you wanted to have rumble)

BTW: I payed 12$ a year for the Xbox live gold subscription in the past 2 years, and saved much more than that each year on Deal-of-the-week sales for Gold members. A smart and price conscious consumer has many options.

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Godchild10202896d ago (Edited 2896d ago )

That's peer-pressure and growing up we were told not to give into peer-pressure.

It was a matter of time before an article like this came up. I'm sure Sony will make that holiday price cut. I just don't think they are in a rush when they are making a bigger profit on their console. They would also have to drop the Vita's price as well and that will come next year.

MySwordIsHeavenly2896d ago ShowReplies(2)
mcstorm2895d ago (Edited 2895d ago )

I dont think sony will cut the price of the ps3 any time soon. At the moment the ps3 sales are not too bad and considering the bad start they had to this gen and are not coming to the end of it the more money they can get from a console with ot still selling well the better for them. People will disagree with me but look at the state of sony at the moment. They are in the middle of rebuilding the company throughout as they have lost big market share in laptops tvs home soumd systems the portable music and camera department and also the game console business.

Sony will only drop the ps3 price when they see a slow down in sales. I think they need to lo at the psv and memory card prices though and start bundling the devise as some good prices as this is the side of the console businesses sony need to be worried about.

GribbleGrunger2896d ago (Edited 2896d ago )

look, I'll tell you now, Sony are going to try and make as much money as possible this Christmas. They won't be thinking of beating sales figures, they'll be gritting their teeth and grabbing back some losses. So can we stop this competition nonsense and just see it for what it is. Grabbing the doe and waiting for next year.

gameplayingfool2896d ago

This is very true. At the same time, Sony makes more from software and content sales than they make off of each console sale. In other words, making less off of each console sale by lowering the price is a great way to get more people to buy the console in general, thus increasing the primary source of revenue over the long term.

GribbleGrunger2896d ago

Absolutely SPOT on. Every Christmas Sony do the same thing and then depend on their long term plans to haul them to safety. And every year they succeed, but the industry are so focused on one or two events that they can't see the bigger picture.

MySwordIsHeavenly2896d ago

I agree with you both. Kaz is looking to turn the company around. If he can get Sony out of the red, he can ensure a great future for it. That is the plan. Meanwhile, we'll be playing amazing exclusives well into 2014. ;)

JellyJelly2895d ago

the PS3 won't outsell the 360 this holiday. The best title they have on offer is Playstation all-stars. They would need at least an Uncharted or a Gran Turismo to even compete. Wait and see.

GribbleGrunger2895d ago

Isn't that exactly the point we're making?

smashcrashbash2896d ago

@ jimineyscrickets. Until we know when the PS4 is coming out and what is it is about I don't see any reason to have 500 gigabytes.Many people have way more space then that on their PS3. No harm in having a wide margin of space on your hard drive

jimineyscrickets2896d ago

That's a great point. I was just curious.

smashcrashbash2896d ago

Sorry to correct my statement I meant 'I see no reason not to have 500 gigabytes'. My error. Just correcting myself so people can understand what i was trying to say.