Sony’s Holiday Lineup Won’t Be Enough to Save Vita

GenGAME writes: "Sony’s banking a lot on the holiday season as a big effort to boost PS Vita’s alarmingly slow sales performance. They pretty much spelled it out themselves when they asked people not to write it off before it went through its first Christmas.

"Naturally, we feel that if Sony’s telling us not to judge them before the holidays, then they’re inviting us to judge them after the holidays – so if they’re hoping to turn Vita into a high-selling gamer magnet, they’d better do it soon."

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GribbleGrunger2283d ago (Edited 2283d ago )

What can one say...?

deleted first post out of pure exhaustion.

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Catoplepas2283d ago

You're fighting an uphill battle.

The uneducated masses will always have another moronic, baseless, biased opinion to share.

On the bright side wishing for failure does does equate it. No doubt the OP will squirt another doom article out of his rectum in the near future, and the horseflies will gather to click.

Erimgard2283d ago

"I actually want Vita to succeed. I think it’s a sexy piece of hardware. More importantly, I don’t think it’s healthy for the industry if Nintendo has a clean slate with no major competitors in the dedicated portable game-player market."

Doesn't especially sound like the OP is "wishing for failure"

Catoplepas2283d ago (Edited 2283d ago )


I wasn't specifically referring to the OP but, yeah, I'm going to politely guide you a few posts down from mine, to where someone hasn't listed a retrospective of the OP' articles.

His attempts to be subtle are frankly hilarious. I liken it to Mahmoud Ahmadinejad starting a speech with "I love Israel and it's people, but....".

chrisarsenalsavart2283d ago

I personally love my vita but i have to say i am slightly concerned with the sales here in the uk.
2 weeks ago sony and Games uk have started a nationwide promotion
Psvita wifi + fifa13+ lbpvita+ uncharted for a ridiculous low price of 229.00
And yet the sales went down by 17% from the weeks before that.
On top of that sony has really step up their marketing campaign. You can,t miss it on tv or online.

They was a bundle with LBP for £189.00 and yet lbp sold about 37000 units.

2 things i noticed that sony might be doing wrong and again in my humble opinion, it s who they market the vita for
All commercials are filled with 20 year old+ people Sorry sony, you should market it to the 12+ because nowadays, tbey are the majority of dedicated handheld consumer.
You don,t have to believe me, you just have to look around when you re in the subway or bus to see who actually play with a psp, 3ds or vita.
The second thing is they need to stop advertising multiplat games for ps3 and vita in the same advert without even showing any vita gameplay. Vita games should have their very own advert.
They advertise assassin creed 3 for both ps3 and vita without actually explaining that the vita version is a completely different game.
And on top of that they launch at the same time.
That is, and i m sorry to say just plain stupid.
Because if i have to choose i will always go for the ps3 version first especially if i don,t even know that the vita version is a different game
(Example :assassin creed revelation, blackopsdeclassified, nfs, fifa)
I understand there might be an buget issue by promoting that way, but still.

I am not the negative type and i believe sony can still do something about it

rpd1232283d ago

Well said. I love mine too. I don't think the sales are abysmal but they could definitely be better. A big problem is Sony's marketing. I have yet to see a PS Vita commercial on tv here in the states. Not once. And yeah, releasing Liberation on the same day as AC3 is stupid. I'm buying both day one, but that's because I love Assassin's Creed. Most will only get one. They should've released it during the summer when everyone was complaining there were no games and everyone who was waiting for AC3 would probably be interested in something to quench their thirst for AC3 until the game actually came out. The game probably wasn't ready then, but that's how I'd have done it assuming it was ready.

DragonKnight2283d ago

Why are you concerned? Do you own Sony shares? You have your Vita and that's what you should be focused on.

rpd1232283d ago


Are you serious right now? If there aren't enough Vita's sold, then 3rd party developers have no incentive to make games for it because chances of them turning a profit would be smaller. If they don't have incentive, they don't make the games. If they don't make the games, Vita owners don't get the games. See how that works?

DragonKnight2283d ago

I am completely serious. A)None of us here have financial interest in Vita's success, so us being concerned about its sales is pointless and stupid. B)Vita is doing fine, pretty much on par with the 3DS sales for the same time frame and without a near instant price cut. C)Vita is still a new device, ever heard of a thing called patience? And perhaps the most important D)No one here is qualified to be concerned about the Vita's success.

If you have a Vita, play it, buy the games you can buy, and shut up. Plain and simple. Let Sony worry about it when they have to.

Kalowest2282d ago

"All commercials are filled with 20 year old+ people Sorry sony, you should market it to the 12+ because nowadays, tbey are the majority of dedicated handheld consumer"

I just want to AWA a few weeks ago and EVERYBODY had a 3DS(12-any age you can thing of). The Vita needs commercials that targets everybody, a price drop next year, and better games.

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medziarz2283d ago


with this triple-A trio the Vita is going to rock;
add to that the excellent LBP:V and U:GA,
the serviceable annual sports: Madden, FIFA and MLB:TS,
the AAA fighters: MK, MvC, SFxT,
the AAA JRPGS: P4:G, Ragnarok,
the other Sony franchises: R:BS, MNR, W2048,
the exclusive games: Escape plan, Gravity Rush, Soul Sacrifice,
many other games, bigger and smaller,
and finally the PSP library as well as PS1 classics,

and we get the most COMPLETE lineup for the first year of a console EVER,

but that want stop the ANTY SONY LOOM, GLOOM, and BASHING thats been going on every year for the last 6 years

Kalowest2282d ago

Half of those games aren't original/new IPs that's why i don't want the Vita. I can buy most of those for 360 or PS3 so they'res nothing special about them. I'm sticking with my PSP(play classics on this), they'res no point in upgrading yet.

GribbleGrunger2282d ago (Edited 2282d ago )

Can I ask what you mean by not original Vita games? For the sake of not wanting to wait an age for your answer, I'm going to assume you mean games like Assassins Creed, LBP, Uncharted or COD. Right?

So... When you played Uncharted 1 on the PS3 did you refuse to buy Uncharted 2 and 3 because you already had that experience? It's the same with LBP, Assassins Creed and COD. What is the difference between playing a sequel/prequel on another console, to playing it on the same console?

Yes, I know you have to buy the Vita to play that sequel/prequel, but that is not the angle you are taking. All of those games I mentioned will not be and will never be on the PS3, so you are missing out on great games just because you are under the impression that they are in some way 'ports' when in fact they are actually 'The same franchise with completely different stories'.

lategamer2282d ago

PS Vita is the gaming handheld device we deserve, but not the one we need right now. So we'll play on our phones, because we can take it.

iNFAMOUZ12282d ago

one can say, its a fail.

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Cam9772283d ago

Stop with all of this fanboyish hate, it's seriously putting me off this site. Also, how do you know?
You don't.
So, just shut up, and see how it goes rather than making pointless, biased articles.

legendoflex2283d ago (Edited 2283d ago )

I don't "know," but I do know that when PSP tried to be a portable PS2 and DS/3DS tried to be portable N64s (plus PS2 in the case of 3DS), they struggled to gain solid traction. They had to do something to differentiate themselves first - PSP by getting an entire franchise exclusive to the system (Monster Hunter), DS by being a haven for "classic" style games.

3DS I'm still a bit concerned about because the next round of games looks a lot like portable GameCube games instead of portable N64 games.

PSV is trying to be a portable PS3 right now, and judging by that strategy being not very effective for the last round of handhelds, I'm just not confident it'll succeed this year by any stretch of the word.

I still think Sony has time to turn things around and truly differentiate PSV. This is only the initial year of software for the system; it's pretty common for a system to take a little longer than that to establish a solid identity.

GribbleGrunger2283d ago

Are you sure? They only have another nine years to turn it round you know.

ftwrthtx2283d ago

One thing you seemed to have missed is the fact that the Vita is the first hand held with a control scheme that mimics it's partnered console perfectly.

Dual sticks and Sixaxis puts the Vita in a class by itself IMO.

joeorc2283d ago

"PSV is trying to be a portable PS3 right now, and judging by that strategy being not very effective for the last round of handhelds, I'm just not confident it'll succeed this year by any stretch of the word. "

Ok its not try to be, the fact that this is not only wrong but the term keeps getting used has no weight at all right now based on the fact this talking point against the PSVita is not even close to being right. Unlike the PSP the PSVita is not developed for the same market as the PSP was. No this is one of the things over looked with this talking point. for one the PSP does not have the Playstation Mobile platform on its hardware.

The PSP does not have an basic licence fee for development that started out for $99.00 let alone allows you to use the over the counter PSVita as a debug machine! The PSVita is designed as you would a smartPhone not the way the PSP was designed.

that is the very core problem in only looking at the past as an indication of how this will play out. Sony does not need the PSVita to be first, it needs it to be another choice for consumers to choose from than just only one dedicated Game handheld out there. Made only by Nintendo!

The simple fact is Sony is not just relying on a dedicated Game handheld to sell Games on for playstation as a platform, smartphones are gaining market strength by sheer number's, Sony knows this first hand with xperia- smartphones selling over 7.4 million units a sales Quarter.

Sony views the PSvita as yet another playstation Platform that can play playstation Games on that they can sell more playstation content to their platform consumers, Not being 1st does not mean that its any less viable as an option.

its not a sprint that matters its the support for the long haul that does.

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phantomexe2283d ago

I know after AC that's preety much it for me. The cod game isn't my thing on a handheld. The ragnorok game if that's spelled right looks ok. Sony really needs more rpgs or more games like golden abyss. This is my opinion and in my opinion the games the vita has isn't very good. i expect that to change over time hopefully.

legendoflex2283d ago (Edited 2283d ago )

CoD on a handheld is awesome in theory, but when it's completely split off from the main multiplayer install base, I'm not sure it's in the right place to succeed. If they could make one that was fully compatible with the console games, however...

(unless it's actually been compatible this whole time... nothing I've read has suggested as much)

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InsaneChronos2283d ago

Nothing can save Vita. Sony is almost dead. Say somtheing new, dammit. I'm feeling sick of this repetitive shit.

mcstorm2283d ago

I see where your coming from but i have to disagree that sony are nearly dead.

I own a 3ds and psv and really enjoy them both but games like lbp vita and resistance bs with there online support add abit extra to the games.

Sonys biggest problem is they dont show off there products they way microsoft and nintendo do. Because of this they have sliped into 3rd place as the playstation brand is not as strong as sony thought it was.

I see sony dropping the psv price and memmory card price after Christmas. Im not sure if it will be to late for the psv then but if sony start pushing it with a price drop it will pickup sales.

I said at the start that the 3ds will out sell the ds total sales and the psv will out sell the psp total sales and i still see them doing this.

I also see sony changing things with there next gen home console. I see them putting more into 3rd party support like they did with the psx and ps2 as well as push on creating an image for them selfs with lbp and sack boy as sony dont really have a face to its console like microsoft have halo and master chief and nintendo have mario.

People seem to forget that sony were backed heavy by 3rd party in the last 2 gens for exclusive games and microsoft pulled that away from them this gen and thats why we have seen so many new ips this gen.

Sony can pull things around but they do have alot of work to get there again.

ExCest2283d ago

I think he was using sarcasm as he is tired of the articles that say things like failure and whatnot.

mafiahajeri2283d ago

obvious hit seeking article but no hit from me!!! :D