Confirmed: Yup, that's a bear penis in Sword & Sworcery EP

Did you notice the Grizzled Boor's "wiggly pixel dong" in Sword & Sworcery EP? Bitmob Staff Writer Alejandro Quan-Madrid just had to ask Nathan Vella, co-founder and president of developer CAPY Games, if his suspicions were true.

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LouisGarcia2193d ago

I haven't played this game yet. Is it wrong that this makes me want to?

GribbleGrunger2193d ago

No, it's wrong that you can't see through this marketing ploy and realize it's a bear holding a mace...

RockYou2193d ago

In that picture it's a mace. Did you see the animated gif?

Oh my.

GribbleGrunger2193d ago

LOL... where is it? Not that I really want to see a beers todger but it's something I feel I must get out of the way now

SybaRat2192d ago

That bear is not hung like a bear.