Gorgeous New Hi Res Shots From GT: HD

More screens from the beautiful racing simulation PS3 title from Polyphony.

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kmis875904d ago

Looks great so far. Only real mistake I see is the one with all the people. They're not looking the right way! Of course thats only a minor aesthetic problem. Overall, this game looks gorgeous.

calderra5904d ago

...pllleeease let the backgrounds actually be 3d this time! Heh.

xtopher5904d ago

or the fact that the humans dont cast shadows in that last pic, odd?

Gamer135904d ago

This game is for people who don,t want any next gen consoles except the ps3 and the gamers who havent played GT3 and 4.


HighCod5904d ago

This game looks great!
And for the first time we have a in-car view in a GT game + Ferraris and finally Online play.
Im good to go,bring it on! :p

As for now im playing TDU on the 360 but GT cant come soon enough.

PS3 Ultimate5904d ago

Some screens look different. Some of them have a bit of the lines that PS2 had. And some look PS3 like! But overall, the game looks fantastic. I'm not even a racing fan. The best looking pics were the close up red car and the close up black car.

whateva5903d ago

something is wrong with the xbox fans cause this look better then FMS2 but they hate on it because it is on the PS3 get a life

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