HD DVD: Time to quit?

Wolfgang Gruener from TG Daily writes:

"Opinion - The HD DVD camp suffered two major blows today and no matter you look at it, begins to look like the certain loser of the high-def format war. HD DVD better has a secret weapon that it can aim at Blu-ray now. Otherwise Toshiba can only hope for a miracle or actually admit defeat. But it is not only Toshiba that loses: A victory of Blu-ray may actually be much more painful for Microsoft."

DJ5701d ago

Damn, that's harsh. Oh well, at least they have a great selection of Blu-ray titles, at least better than what I've seen at my local Circuit City (they have trouble keeping stock, sadly).

pwnsause5701d ago

no not yet, but they are fully supporting it and now recommending future People to chose BD over HD-DVD.

DJ5701d ago

My bad, hehe. But yeah, it's kinda cool that they're doing that. Hopefully Circuit City does the same, 'cause they're a closer than Best Buy but have a smaller Blu-ray selection.

sonarus5701d ago

hahaha kuwabara did wageslave really try to report this story with a mispell lol. Bad news for ps3 really that hard to come by. I saw his last post where they denied left for dead hitting ps3 lol wonder how far he had to dig to get that one. Poor guy

akaFullMetal5701d ago

is it time? i think it might be