Dishonored - James Bacon's ++Good Review

Dishonored delivers on video gaming’s most precious hierarchical axiom: Do, don’t show; show, don’t tell. You are given the tools and information to progress the plot as you see fit, and all of your actions have an impact.

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DoublePlusGoodGames2198d ago

Before we're downvoted to Dunwall for shameless self promotion, our website doesn't get any advertising or click revenue. We just wanted to share our review of the game with the N4G community.

When we first heard about this game, none of us were really that interested, but after the videos that came out a few weeks back (see below) that showed how dark the city was, we all buckled down and gave this game a go. Now it just might be up for our game of the year.

Anyone else shocked by this title or did everyone expect greatness from this new IP?

Niveous2197d ago

"Took the chuff out of my train" is my new favorite phrase.