Zellers Canada to have a Different Wii Bundle

In Zellers latest flyer, they had announced that Pre-Order for thw Wii will be happening next week, and that they have a different bundle than the one Nintendo has.

It says (in red bubble):
                                          "Wii Bundle Presell"
                                         Includes Wii hardware
                                       and 2 Wii Software titles.

and then on back of flyer, it says in small writing. "Nintendo Wii Presell to happen on Friday October 7th. While supplies last.
Ive have been told by an electronic sellers employee that they(Zellers) will get about 20-30 Wii's, and will be putting them on Presale on Friday. And also this is a bundle that has nothing to do with the american one, as most Candian electronic stores will be selling everything that has already been announced in the box(hardware, wiimote w/ numchuck, sensor bar, Wii Sports, and all that stuff). Plus 2 games of the Stores choosing, in a bundle for he said to be around 329.99CDN. But this is only a rumor about the pricing, but everything else is true and will happen.

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ChickeyCantor5910d ago

i hope they have a diffrent package for EU

Wii, 2 controller sets(chuck plus mote x 2) and no games ( really rather want 2 sets instead of 1 so ill get another 2 sets plus 2 games)