Sony Is Losing Ground Heading Into The Holidays

Sony’s showing at Gamescom back in August inspired a lot of confidence in the company. The combination of new games and the PS3/Vita Cross-Buy promotion turned a lot of heads, but lately it seems Sony has been turning heads for all the wrong reasons. This holiday season will certainly see fierce competition between Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo, but while the latter two seem to be making some good moves, Sony seems to be shooting themselves in the foot. What is Sony doing wrong, and can they rebound in time for the holidays?

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LX-General-Kaos2220d ago (Edited 2220d ago )

That is unfortunate and I wish them the best of luck within the gaming space.

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aceitman2220d ago

so if sony is losing ground , y did ms drop there price . is it they know sony is coming in strong this holiday.

kupomogli2220d ago


"What exclsuives does Sony have coming out for the holiday season? Lemme think....................NONE. "

There are exclusives. For example, the ones I'm interested in and will purchase are Playstation All Stars, Ragnarok Odyssey, and Assassin's Creed 3 Liberation. It also has the Ezio trilogy that I'm getting, but that's just an exclusive compilation as all the games are on the 360 and PC.

andibandit2220d ago (Edited 2220d ago )


You are completely wrong.

If youre willing to shell out 250$
you can play Assassins Creed 3, as a Girl on a 4 inch screen.


you can play Black Ops2 with
Fewer Maps
Fewer players
Worse Graphics
also on a 4 inch screen

for lets say around 300$

showtimefolks2220d ago

Seriously what's going on with these Sony doomed or they will fail articles? Why don't we see anything about ms or Nintendo? Yet this site is run by so called ps3 fanboys?

This year sony's lineup of exclusives is the weakest but this year they could have 2 games sell a lot that wonder book and battle royal. Why because as much as those games are geared towards hardcore gamers they are also targeting casual market in a big way

And into 7th year when are we finally go stop comparing sales? Uncharted 3 sold really well why not one brings that up? Sony execs have said it them self they rather spend the money on games than advertisement so when a game does 2-3 million that's success how many games this gen have actually cross 5 million mark? Nguess what bioshock 1 didn't sell 5-10 million yet it's considered one of the best games of this gen if not ever.

If sales were everything than COD is the greatest game ever made and this year after that will be Medal of honor and AC3 both games which get yearly releases. In MOH case one year it's replaced by BF.

Stop hating on a company if you are a real gamer than you know this for a fact Sony has delivered more to core fans than gen than any one else and that's not an opinion that's a fact. Instead of going towards casual market like MS have done with kinect they sticking with what made them successful. Fable the journey anyone? N

Forza what else? Crackdown is a great IP but doesn't get the attention it deserves why? Because t doesn't sell well what about Alan wake selling so well in pc and not in xbox360 when heavy rain did well on ps3?

Why is it always halo vs Sony exclusives? Bwhy didn't forza sell as well as GT?

Instead of hating why don't some of y'all actually appreciate. If Sony are out of gaming business than we are left with MS and their media box more than gaming console and Nintendo who has a long long history of not getting 3rd party support

Everyone who has played beta for battle royal have said nice things about so I am hoping it does well and I think It will do quite well

Sony Sony doesn't have that many big games this fall maybe they will actually use some money on advertisement

Sony doom or ps4 will be failure articles need to stop stop hating. Be a gamer not a fanboy

mcstorm2220d ago

This was said last gen about Nintendo and Microsoft but each gen is different. No one can be top all the time in technology. Look at MS for example 10 years ago they were streets ahead of Apple and Google in computing market but now they are playing catch-up and it looks like Apple could be the next to fall.

TBH if you look back at this gen sony have not had many big games this time of year they tend to be the 1st quarter and there sales patterns this gen show this as the 360 tends to out sell it the last few months of the year as the have there big guns like Halo and Gears plus push COD.

But like I said next gen it will be doom and gloom for who ever is in last place next gen as each on is different but Sony will be around for a lot longer I think this will be the case for Microsoft and Nintendo too.

TKCMuzzer2219d ago

Good points. Many potential buyers will also be aware they can now pick up a PS3 this Christmas, go home sign up to the PSN, purchase PS+ and have access to quality games for £40 which will keep very busy for months to come.
Some people easily forget what services Sony are also offering, maybe it's really the first year instead of focusing on a certain games Sony are focusing on the PS3 itself and the value it offers.
Personally PS+ would sway me over the 360 if I was a new buyer this Christmas, it's as a good a deal as any of the three companies are offering.

IAmLee2220d ago

Here is the daily sony hate article.

Anon19742219d ago (Edited 2219d ago )

Personally, if I want to peer into my crystal ball and take a stab at how the holidays will go - I like to look at the data so far that year as it usually gives us a good indication going into the holidays what we can expect versus the last year.

All consoles are down so far in 2012. One is slightly down but holding it's own without a price cut, one console's sales were down nearly half for the first two quarters of 2012 and one's sales have completely fallen off a cliff. I'll let you all figure out which is which.

This guy claims Sony isn't making their products particularly appealing to consumers, and yet consumers have been speaking with their wallets. The PS3 is far ahead of the 360 this year and Wii sales are non-existent - all without a PS3 price cut.

Do you really think the Wii knocking off another $20 from their price or a Kinect bundle getting a price cut is going to change the consumers mind suddenly when they've been staying away from both consoles in droves? Nintendo actually has a chance to come away this holiday as a winner with the 3DS and Wii-U, but stick a fork in the Wii. As for the 360, they had their best calendar year ever, then sales nosedived 43% year over year in the first 6 months. Even recent data in the US shows sales are still down 40% even in their strongest region. What consoles has ever seen that sales pattern without a replacement on the market? You can talk about market share in the US until you're blue in the face but last time I checked, MS doesn't get paid by how far in front of the competition they are in the US, they get paid by selling consoles.

The 360 4GB is already $199 and can be found on sale for $150 frequently. Microsoft doesn't need price cuts, it needs to get another console out quickly while Sony, if we're listening to consumers buying trends, just needs to keep doing what they're doing. Just my two cents.

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subtenko2219d ago

You people are crazy..I hope legitimate people who are out of the loop are not misinformed by the Sony bashers and 'trolls'. There's plenty coming out if you all have been paying attention.

Nintendo is the one who has a newer console coming out already, I don't know what M$ is doing recently but I'm sure a more loyal xbox fan could tell me. As for Sony they have a new ps3 model for whoever wants it, They have games coming out that people have been looking forward to this holiday as well, and there is the PS Vita which some are getting this holiday since they have the money now.

What else should Sony do, start making Ice Cream machine add-ons for the PS Vita?

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NYC_Gamer2220d ago (Edited 2220d ago )

Sony right now cares about profit and not about being first when it comes to units sold..I'm sure Sony will release some bundles to make up for the lack of price drop..We can expect to find all kind of sweet deals for all consoles come this holiday season with stores trying to match each other.

riverstars862220d ago

Stop drinking the Kool-Aid buddy...

GribbleGrunger2220d ago (Edited 2220d ago )

Sony has outsold the 360 every week this year and in the last two weeks has increased how many units they've outsold them by...(60,000 last week, 90,000 this week) So, how exactly is Sony losing ground? Are we by chance evaluating American numbers here and confusing them with world numbers?

You can't pick and choose information when it comes to a product. You have to look at the 'full' picture, and the FULL picture is Rosy.

edit: I've taken a second look and there is no mention at all that this represents only American numbers.

Erimgard2220d ago

This isn't about current numbers, but holiday strategy. 50% of video games sales happen in the last 6 weeks of the year. Making your product appealing at Christmas time is the most important factor in yearly sales.

GribbleGrunger2220d ago (Edited 2220d ago )

I completely disagree. Microsoft have won every Christmas for the last 5 years and Sony have reduced their lead from 8 million to 1.8 million. Christmas had NOTHING to do with that.

The picture is totally reversed in Europe and Japan where the 360 is losing ground going into the Christmas period, but it would be erroneous to write an article based on that fact. It's World wide figures or nothing, otherwise it's a biased article.

And why is it that an article about Sony gets so many 360 owners interested?

-Alpha2220d ago (Edited 2220d ago )


Speaking of this Christmas, they really are in a tight position, and that's what the article is about. Talking about everything else is irrelevant, it's like going into a Resident Evil 6 article and saying "But other Resident Evil games scored great". No need to get defensive about it.

Sony is definitely in a tight position this Christmas in between Nintendo's Wii U and 3DS strategies, and Microsoft's Kinect/price drop (which I'm sure we will see), and Halo 4 blockbuster.

Sony's only exclusive is LBP Karting, a new IP. All Stars has a good chance, if Sony markets it right, but the PR Department is a mess for this game. I'm pretty curious to see how Sony does this year with their biggest title being a new IP, and them refusing to do a pricedrop, and instead upping the price with bundles and big HDD's. No one is ignoring their previous success, it's simply a look at THIS Christmas

nukeitall2220d ago (Edited 2220d ago )


That is because Sony has dropped their price every other year, while MS has held their price steady. Yet, MS sold about twice as many consoles as Sony during last years holiday. We are talking 6-8 million consoles here to put that into perspective.

MS is focusing on profit, while Sony *was* focusing on market share. I think that situation is potentially being reversed.

Also, I would love to know where you got your numbers from, as it seems like you are just getting them from thin air with no attribution.

ZoyosJD2220d ago (Edited 2220d ago )

The title states that Sony is losing ground heading into the holiday, yet the numbers reflect otherwise.

I don't know what you see, but consumers clearly see an appealing value in the PS3 which make the whole article moot.

This isn't about numbers, strategy, or anything else like that. It's a "journalist" being biased against the PS3 trying to generate heat amongst the fanboys.

That article wasn't on yahoo, it was for the fanboy audience.

If this was truly meant for discussion it should have had the numbers backing its premise.

But, the numbers currently show PS3 selling more with an increasing difference.

Even by VGCHARTZ biased numbers, last week the PS3 was up 19% while the 360 was up 7%.

MikeMyers2220d ago (Edited 2220d ago )

From the article;
"When it comes to the PS3, I believe Sony is making two critical mistakes. Sony will not be dropping the price of older PS3 models, and they will not be releasing the 12GB SuperSlim model in the United States. These two problems go hand in hand, as they show Sony’s failure to appeal to gamers who are either on a budget or are only “casual” gamers."

So it does look like this is from the American media perspective which is why it's biased. I do agree Gribble, the PS3 has been doing fine as far as hardware sales go when we take into consideration worldwide figures. I think we can both agree the PS3 should be doing better in America than it currently is and the 12GB SuperSlim model may have helped a bit. Sony looks to be in a position to not be losing money on the hardware, which explains no price cuts at the moment. The system still offers great value IMO.

GribbleGrunger2220d ago (Edited 2220d ago )

Yes, that's my only issue with this article. It appears to evaluate Sony's situation based entirely off American performance. Yes, I agree that Sony would be wise to release the 12GB version in the US, but we still don't know if they will. Having no RRP means that retailers can set their own price and we're already see that taking effect here in Europe with the £158 12GB slimmer. These prices will drop further when the older stock of slims is exhausted.

The reason Microsoft win at Christmas is because they always have huge price reductions... this year is obviously no exception. But during the rest of the year, Sony sell more than enough consoles to take the hit at Christmas and still claw away at that lead, hence 8 million becomes 1.8 million.

And on the matter of where I get those figures from, I note something very telling about the whole VGChartz fiasco. 5 years ago 360 owners loved the site and PS3 owners hated it. Now 360 owners hate the site and PS3 owners love it. Between the two hypocritical camps lies an undeniable truth

joeorc2219d ago (Edited 2219d ago )

while, what you say is true, what this bullet point about Sony's ability to not have anything this fall season, and is losing ground heading into the holidays is not only wrong its only a talking point if you do not take into account each companies systems they offer for sale @ retail and what their ability is to move said Hardware. While Microsoft has a quality system and software to go along with their marketing arm. That still leaves one big giant gaping whole to their whole point of market share when it comes to Both Nintendo and Sony. what many like to point out and it seems you maybe agreeing with them which judgeing by your statement i think you are, i could be wrong, but anyway. what many still do not get is the fact unlike both Nintendo and Sony ; Microsoft still only has one product!

its still just the XBOX360! by itself while both Nintendo and Sony have more than a single platform on the shelf in the market to sell their platform's to the consumer. unlike Microsoft; Sony has.

the Playstation 2
the Playstation 3
the Playstation portable
the Playstation Vita
The Playstation Mobile platform

All on the shelf in Hardware form in one shape or another to sell that hardware to sell software to the consumer on.

The fact that the just with the Playstation Mobile alone has right now 26 playstation Mobile certified devices in the market that is just between only Sony and HTC. that is not even counting Asus, Sharp or fujitsu yet.

Microsoft has Smart Glass and Windows Phone which is pretty Good Option for Microsoft to Expand their Xbox platform, but smart glass is not released yet and windows phone is still not doing very well in the mobile market, it still has far and away a large hill to climb right now than what Sony has simple reason is Sony was already had an advantage due to Android OS being the Market leader OS in the Mobile market before Sony released the Playstation Mobile as a platform.

Thats exactly why Sony Made the Playstation Mobile platform to take advantage of that Market strength. In the Mobile market the Android OS is like what Microsoft has on Desktop OS with Windows on the PC as their the number one OS that consumer's use world wide. In the Mobile Market its Android. while Apple has a larger chunk of the Mobile OS and Hardware platform market share, it still has less than Android does and Sony has made sure they intend to make the Playstation Platfor grow into the Mobile market, and Choosing the largest Mobile OS in the market does not hurt their chances. you see its just not about the Xbox360+LIVE+SmartGlass+window s Phone vs' the Wii+WiiU and 3DS vs Just the Playstation 3 + PSVita as the only thing that determines your market strategy. for one PSN may not Have a outright subscription base design like Microsoft has with XBOX LIVE but while Microsoft has Xboxlive sony has Playstation Plus and Playstation Home. which is very profitable for Sony.

Sony has expanded the Playstation as a platform into not only Mobile in a very large way, we are talking over 30 Playstation Certified devices by the start of 2013. to top that Off Sony has out right decided to increase their playstation Platform to the cloud also and are setting to expand playstation past just Sony only hardware there also. thats both GaiKai and Playstation Mobile.

I think for many So quick to call Sony as Trailing back or Losing ground in the Gaming market are not taking into account the areas that Sony are concentrating growth of the Playstation Platform into the market as a whole.

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LOGICWINS2220d ago

This article is in reference to the holiday season, not 2012 in general.

CGI-Quality2220d ago

And how can the holiday be juged on "losing ground" when it has yet to fully take off? Also, how is Sony losing any ground while being ahead weekly still?

Seraphemz2220d ago

CGI - Because this topic is going to get more hits, and more than likely shoot the article to the top. Even though it makes no sense.... thats N4G nowadays.

wastedcells2220d ago (Edited 2220d ago )

These articles are so short sided, does anyone bother to check the world wide sales to date. Sony is doing fine and still has a future full of games and a price drop. It's everyone else that's losing steam with current consoles because there are no games in their future.

AnotherProGamer2220d ago

really the Sony/Butler case I don't think its going to affect their holiday season. noone I know even knows abouts it.

Erimgard2220d ago

It's not about the lawsuit, it's about the fact that "Kevin Butler" will likely no longer be used by Sony. Those commercials were quite popular.

neoMAXMLC2220d ago

I don't remember seeing a new Kevin Butler commercial in ages.

greenpowerz2220d ago (Edited 2220d ago )

This is nothing new, this is the case every holiday. The only thing differnt is the 360 has started to outsell all competition in annual sales because of the holiday gains.

MSFT was #1 in 2011. In 2012 where the 360 has the only core exclusives and has lots of casual games plus a price drop will give the 360 a bigger lead than the one from last year, where the holiday pulled the 360 ahead regardless of fanboys using VGcharts all through the year(this year too)

Kinect and MSFT 1st and 3rd party games will be the only things close to being as appealing as Wii U compared to other current gen offerings.

Hell I know people buying a 360 for kinect and Internet explorer

KwietStorm2220d ago

You just made up a handful of things for no reason, especially with the only "core exclusives" nonsense. So many people talk about vgchartz being off with their numbers, but you say regardless of fanboys using it lol. Your avatar is Master Chief, your name is greenpowerz, you're actually cheerleading Xbox in post that's already trying to point out Sony's flaws, and you refer to Microsoft by their stock exchange ID. Man listen..

MySwordIsHeavenly2220d ago

No. The PS3 is still outselling the 360, by a pretty large amount, might I add.

Why are people buying 360's though? I don't get that...

HammadTheBeast2220d ago

Halo, Gears. That's literally all I'd need it for. Luckily, I got a PS3 instead.

MySwordIsHeavenly2220d ago

See, I already bought a 360 for Gears 3. I sold it quickly after my disappointment wore off... :/

Halo 4 is probably going to be a good game, but why purchase a console for it? That's a bit pricey.

KMCROC2220d ago

pref·er·ence =
  the act of preferring

NeverEnding19892220d ago

It takes about ten 10hr long PS3 exclusives to equal the amount of time I'll be spending on Halo 4. Actually...more like 40 PS3 exclusives, going by the amount of hours I put into Halo 3.

And let's not forget about 6 hour games like Heavenly Sword :)

MySwordIsHeavenly2220d ago

I'll be spending a lot more time on All-Stars Battle Royale than Halo 4. I'll go through the campaign on Halo 4, but no multi-player. I have better games for that.

Blankman852220d ago

Better games for online than Halo 4 this holiday season? Like what?

MySwordIsHeavenly2220d ago

Borderlands 2, Assassin's Creed 3, and the billions of other online games I already have. I enjoy Halo, but I don't really get that "fun" aspect out of it that I get from TF2, Battlefield 3, Killing Floor, PayDay: The Heist, or even Call of Duty. Tribes: Ascend came out recently, as well. Tribes was an inspiration for Halo, originally. It's odd to see the two at such opposite ends of the spectrum now.

I know we all have our preferences, but I don't understand buying a system for one game. I'm sure many people will be picking up several multi-plat titles this holiday season, too. The point still remains... Microsoft is getting away with murder. Sony releases exclusive after exclusive every year...and for all that try, they're just now getting close to surpassing the 360 in sales. MS can get away with one or two big releases a year. Sony can release twenty and the world would be none-the-wiser.

"I have better games for that." "Have" was the key word. I'm sure Halo 4 will be a good game, but let's not make this something it's not. It's not something that would pull myself or any of my friends away from Starhawk, Uncharted 3, or Little Big Planet Vita.

I guess what I'm trying to say is...I need variety.

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