Gran Turismo HD Preview and Interview

One of the most significant things to emerge from the Tokyo Games Show was the existence of Gran Turismo HD as a real product, rather than just a tech-demo. Polyphony Digital president Kazunori Yamauchi (known universally as Kazunori-san) held a press conference on Sony's stand at the show to explain GT HD, and CVG were subsequently lucky enough to be taken for a tour of the Polyphony offices and interviewed the great man himself.

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kmis875904d ago

Beware the phantom cars of the Nurburgring! LOL.

Gamer135904d ago (Edited 5904d ago )

When i get my PS3 this game won,t be on my list.

Bring on Motorstorm.

ill wait for GT5.


calderra5904d ago

Random worrisome bits:

"But what, exactly, is GT HD? [...] it will come in two parts in one box: "[] GT HD Premium will be like a sneak preview of Gran Turismo 5 [] It will be a standalone game with 30 cars and two tracks. There will be another 30 cars and one track which people will be able to download for it."
-So a max possible 60 cars and 3 tracks on this disc... ummm... that's odd.

"GT HD Classic [] will have 770 cars and 51 tracks, all downloadable - that's where the PlayStation Store comes into play."
-WTH? Does that mean that the "classic" mode is in fact 0 cars and 0 maps, and that you have to download everything? Meaning that in actuality, you only get the 60/3 from "premium", and you have to download the rest?

Er... I hope there was a translation error. If this info is correct, you'll basically ONLY be able to do anything in this game if you go online. License tests? Online. More than 2 tracks? Online. Etc, etc.

And I hate to nitpick but:
"physics: it has been difficult to keep cars sliding - this will be for the petrol-heads out there. We would like to include damage: [] With the AI [] We want to further enhance it, and give more human-like qualities to the cars."

That's basically the exact same lipservice the series has gotten since GT1. For some reason (Japanese fans), the series has always allowed Drift racing (it's even encouraged in GT1- "you may not be able to take some turns without sliding"). The damage and AI lines seem ripped straight from old press briefings.

Again: I do love the GT series. But they do need to work on some of their problems. Forza is going to ship with a great damage model, better AI, a custom painting/decal tool, etc etc. And GT:HD might ship with only 2 tracks? WTH?

Shadow Flare5904d ago

Reading this has actually changed my mind about GTHD, i think the gameplay will be better than i previously thought. Also apparently this game will include a form of car damage, which i originally thought they were first including in GT5. And the online ideas sound cool. Also the cost of the game itself will be absolute peanuts. Sounds good to me

testerg355904d ago

Based on this interview and Phil's interview... am I to assume that online play will not be free as previously assumed?