Gamespy: Wipeout Pulse Review (4.5/5)

The magic is back. We don't know what bizarre mojo the fine folks over at Sony Computer Entertainment Europe are playing with or which deity is responsible for the dark pact that has resulted in WipEout Pulse, but Gamespy is loving it.

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Shaka2K65772d ago

Between this Patapon and next month God of War and Crisis Core,
no wonder PSP is destroying the brick ds in sales even though brick ds is half the price of the PSP.

Rooted_Dust5772d ago

One of these days I'll get a PSP. I just don't know when.


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Derekvinyard133429d ago

Vice city stories was amazing, I remember owning vice city with all prostitution rings lmao

Lord_Ranos3429d ago

That red PSP always looked beast. xD Its games are the best for mobile entertainment. Something the Vita surely needs currently.

trickman8883429d ago

God of War Chains of Olympus over God of War Ghost of Sparter?


DJ-DK7863429d ago

Maybe I should re-play Ghost of Sparta...

Th3o3429d ago

Really great choices but I would've swapped out liberation with Disgaea or a persona game... PES 3 was amazing on vita...too bad there was no free roam:(

DJ-DK7863429d ago

Thanks! Maybe I'll look into having a round with those games, could change my mind. :)

stavrami-mk23428d ago (Edited 3428d ago )

monster hunter @ god eater for me

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5 things we love about WipEout

PSU.com writes:

"With a revival unlikely to happen, PSU.com thought the time was ripe to celebrate WipEout’s illustrious history by listing five things that made the series standout among its contemporaries, becoming one of our all-time favourite racers."

TheGrimOfDeath3973d ago

I agree with all of this. Why did Sony have to shut down SCE Studio Liverpool? They were a great part of the whole Sony gaming community. They made epic WipEout games and were already making WipEout for the PS4. Goddammit Sony, why?


The End of an Era - Our Farewell to Studio Liverpool

gamrReview: "Those of us for whom gaming is slightly more than just a fun pastime will often cite our childhood gaming experiences and the nostalgic memories associated with them as the source of our passion for gaming. There's a sizeable group of people in the industry today that owe some of that passion to a company that, as of today, is no more."

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Machina4118d ago

RIP Studio Liverpool and WipEout :'(

smashcrashbash4118d ago

Sigh. Just because the studio is gone doesn't mean Wipeout is gone too. What is a matter with everyone? Did anyone say that Wipeout is gone and no longer going to be made? Wipeout most likely belongs to Sony. They can make as much Wipeout games as they want.

Machina4118d ago

I don't see it happening. And even if it does, who's to say the quality will be the same?

smashcrashbash4118d ago

@ Spectator1. And whose to say that it won't.Sly Cooper is being done by someone else and so far it is looking good. Just because someone takes over doesn't automatically make the game lose quality.Who knows it could be improved with new blood working on it.

HaHa_Ostrich4117d ago

As a kid I loved psygnosis games. They sure will be missed.