Factor 5 Talks About its Wii Project -- Kid Icarus Wii? -- and the Future of Turrican

Last month, news broke that Factor 5 is working on a title for Nintendo's Wii console. A couple weeks later, we ran our own story, announcing that trustworthy sources close to Factor 5 told Kombo that the developer is actually creating an all-new Kid Icarus game for Wii. Now, Factor 5 president Julian Eggerbrecht has gone on the record, speaking to IGN at DICE 2008 in Las Vegas about the developer's mysterious Wii project.

"We want to push the hardware. I think for us it's relatively easy for us to push the hardware. It inherently comes. But a lot of it is about exploiting the uniqueness of the Wii. I mean, on the graphical side, we're going to try and do everything to outdo everything else on the platform, the same as we did for the Star Wars games back on the GameCube," Eggebrecht told IGN. "But one of our main focuses is the innovation around the controls. Everybody is always talking about the motion control, but I think people are overplaying that a bit. I really, really love the pointing aspect of the remote. Although we're going to use everything for what we have in development, I think the pointing stuff is probably the biggest innovation which we're working on right now."

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Night4ll5096d ago

Whatever the game is, it will be great.

deeznuts5096d ago

Just like Lair ... Doh!

And I can speak from experience, Lair sucked.

bigjclassic5096d ago

needs a great rebound game, for gamers to trust them again.

Chubear5096d ago

So after over 20 years of creating great games they do ONE "bad" one and all of a sudden they can't be trusted any more?

Men, this hate for Lair is just utter BS. The vast majority of people who diss it constantly have never played it and even more so dont' even have a PS3 to play it on.

bootsielon5096d ago

Not only is their credibility as developers on a very low level, so is their credibility as people who hold up to their words. I remember how they slammed the Wii a lot, and that they choose the most powerful machines, not the ones with most install base, but now they develop for it? How hypocritical is that? Their only loyalty is money, and since they need it, they can't really develop another next-gen exclusive game unless it's fully funded by Sony or Microsoft, and frankly, after lair, I doubt that they are very willing, at least for a year or two.

OC Shock Value5096d ago

They better make Rogue Squadron for Wii.. Or im never gonna 4give them

Blank10175096d ago

Finally someone who realizes that alot of the wii games put way too much motion in them just cause they can (talking to you almost every 3rd party game!).

I'm looking forward to a great game from a great game maker that knows how to use the motion controls judiciously.