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Jon Hamlin: Let me try to convince you that Happy Wars is an important game. The last several years has seen a rise in the number of video games opting to adopt the free-to-play model. Recent titles such as Blacklight: Retribution, League of Legends, Tribes: Ascend, and Team Fortress 2 have all found success using free-to-play as a means to an end. League of Legends recently surpassed 32 million user accounts and has taken the competitive gaming scene by storm in Korea. Those are realities that AAA console titles can only dream of. Just to give you an idea, here’s a little factoid: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 sold approximately 6.5 million copies. Five times as many people have played or are playing League of Legends than have played or are playing Modern Warfare 3. That, ladies and gentleman, is a big deal.

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Relientk773024d ago

Look at those screens, this game looks crazy lol

Blastoise3024d ago

Yeah it actually looks pretty fun

3-4-53024d ago

It is pretty fun to be honest. I've played about 15 matches and this game is addicting. It's obviously not perfect but the maps are beautiful and in some cases really big.

The music is good, the Art style is good, the RPG elements are good.

I would love to see what they can do with Happy Wars 2 if they ever decide to make it.

My idea/s :

* Have 5-10 different Classes instead of just 3

* Have 10 skills for each set but only allow 3 to be chosen a match so it keeps it random still, but allows for more variation.

* Increase Player character size by 20%.

MiKiTyMaC3024d ago

Only reason I want this to do well is so Borderlands will become the free to play fps mmo it was originally supposed to be. I'm ready for Borderworlds!!!

OneAboveAll3024d ago

I got this arcade game free from Microsoft because i'm partaking in the new fall dashboard beta and the game is pretty "meh" so far. :/

xPhearR3dx3024d ago

It's a free to play game anyway.

Shadonic3024d ago

Its pretty fun when you get into a group that communicates had more communication and cooperation on happy wars than i ever did on say COD

AngelicIceDiamond3024d ago

Its fun simple and addicting. Its hard to get into at first because your a low level but once your a higher level its allot more fun.