If God of War’s Kratos had a dating site profile

GamesBeat: We live in a digital world, so it only makes sense that we now search for love via the same Internet we use to find adorable cat pictures. But what about our favorite video game characters? Just because they’re not real doesn't meant they don’t still need a little romance. That’s why we made Extra Hearts, a dating site for fictional, digital people.

This time, we’re looking at the profile of the God of War himself, Kratos. Let’s see if he can put aside his famous rage long enough to attract a mate.

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NastyLeftHook02974d ago

he would get spammed to hell with messages!

Xof2974d ago

Hobbies include screaming.
Greatest strength: strength.
Greatest weakness: prone to irrational hatred, typically preceded, followed and sustained by murder.

prototypeknuckles2974d ago

thats freaking hilarious because its all true

NastyLeftHook02974d ago

i squeezed my squid over that one! bubbles~!

Qrphe2974d ago

Ain't that but the truth!

BlmThug2974d ago

Ridicolously slow news day eh

SybaRat2974d ago

Turn offs: Days were I do not murder anything.

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