Halo 4 pre-order 25% off at Newegg for a limited time

XMNR: Newegg launched a new weekend pre-order special for Halo 4 on Saturday that marks the Xbox 360 down by 25% off its regular price.

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Irishguy953511d ago ShowReplies(2)
ChunkyLover533511d ago

That is a heck of a deal, still going with the Microsoft Store though, they do release date shipping and gave me a $25 store credit.

3510d ago
MasterD9193510d ago

I actually already pre-ordered using this deal a while back...but that is why NewEgg rocks. Everyone here probably missed the big deal they had where virtually all the new games being pre-ordered were 12-15 bucks off. I have my entire gaming line-up pre-ordered cheap already.

The only thing about Halo 4 being shipped through NewEgg is you won't even get your hands on this game for a few days after (unless you live within reasonable shipping distance). That's why I have another pre-order in at BB.

DirtyLary3510d ago (Edited 3510d ago )

$48.00 shipped. Thank you NE. I'm 65 miles from the hub. Should be next day delivery.