Greatest Glitches Series: Battlefield 3 Premium for free

Glitches in games can be fun. Recently, some gamers took advantage of EA with the BF3 Premium Glitch. Goozernation is going to examine glitches like this and ask the question what is the long term impact of something like this? Who really benefits in the end?

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Cam9773024d ago

Well this is perfect. EA took the decision to punish every non-premium member so they deserve to lose out.

OneAboveAll3024d ago

How did they punish them? Please share, i'd love to know.

Cam9773024d ago

By constantly running Premium in the non-subscribers' faces - let me explain. When killed by a Premium member it tells me in bright, yellow letters; in addition, non-subscribers don't get put to the front of a game lobby's queue whereas Premium members do; also, Premium members get map packs in advance and double XP.

I guess it's down to opinion, but to me, the mentioned points penalise non-Premium members.

OneAboveAll3024d ago

Then that is your own fault. It's not like they had a gun to your head and are forcing you to buy it. It's there for those LOYAL fans who want early access to maps and a few small bonuses.

I bet if you had Premium it would be a different story though wouldn't it? You can't complain. It's there for you to buy it.

Tonester9253024d ago

Lol at the LOYAL fans part

TCG_Returns3024d ago

What PS store glitch is this? All you have to do is gameshare it from someone who bought the premium.Gamesharing is perfectly fine.

It's EA's own fault for allowing it to be game shared.

aquamala3024d ago

This has nothing to do with gamesharing

Parappa3024d ago

You probably could gameshare it but weeks ago early in the morning it was free but only through the BF3 game. It was only free for a few hours. There were posts on cheapassgamer and everything.

aquamala3024d ago

Glitch a few weeks back when bf3 store in ps3 lists premium as free

And last night using a $20 off code you could get all the <$19.99 games on origin pc store

EA and their glitches lol

-Alpha3024d ago

"In the end, this could be one of those things that slips through the internet and gets brought up years later in flashback articles by starving game journalists or in awkward forum posts."

Oh, the irony

The_KELRaTH3024d ago

It's no different to a price error in a retail store - it happens and a few get lucky.. END.

Adityac3024d ago


vickers5003024d ago

Lol, you're way too late. I think this happened a couple of weeks ago.

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