5 Sequels That Will Never See The Light Of Day, That Aren’t Half-Life 3 | Seriously though, Development Hell is a terrible and unforgiving plane of existence. It sits right in between the 5th layer of Hell and New Jersey. There are plenty of occupants in Developer Hell but some outrank the others. If you had to make some sort of tiered list of titles found in this horrifying place, the follow five are the ones found in what the fighting cycles call, the God Tier.

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PrimeLantern3018d ago

Well, now I need to play Chrono Trigger again.

RockmanII73018d ago

I would replace Star Wars Battlefront 3 with something like Dark Cloud 3 or Legacy of Kain: Defiance 2. I think Battlefront 3 will get made eventually.

caseh3018d ago

May as well add Shenmue 3 to that list. :(

Chrono3018d ago

I hope they make a new Chrono game one day.