Rainbow Moon Confirmed for European PlayStation Vita Release

eastasiasoft and developer SideQuest Studios recently announced that their popular PlayStation 3 role-playing game (RPG) Rainbow Moon is heading to the PlayStation Vita (PS Vita) system in 2013. Following that announcement, the publisher has confirmed that the handheld conversion will be made available throughout Europe.

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GribbleGrunger3511d ago (Edited 3511d ago )

I read on the blog that they're considering reducing the price for those who already bought it on the PS3. But I also read that the build and content were exactly the same as the PS3 version, so the jury's out on whether or not I will be investing again. Still a terrific game though and one that should be enjoyed by many many RPG fans.

r213511d ago

I didnt buy mine, got it free from PlaystationLifestyle :I Do i get reduced price for the vita version?

3-4-53511d ago

What does it play like ? As in what game is similar to it ? I've read up a little on it and looked at some screen shots.

GribbleGrunger3510d ago

Imagine Disgaea with better graphics and a huge open world

Cam9773511d ago

Great news, the attention the Vita is starting to get from devs is very good!

oONinjavitiSOo3511d ago

Agreed! I hope we see more of this!

Cam9773511d ago

Hopefully it only escalates next year.

TheLyonKing3511d ago

Something to be excited for on the PSN again wooooo :D