BO: Declassified to include voucher for COD: Roads To Victory, release date confirmed

New interesting details about Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified has been shared.

HarryMasonHerpderp4065d ago

That's a nice idea.
I hope this turns out better than Resistance on the Vita.

Studio-YaMi4065d ago

I'm really enjoying Resistance:burning skies right now,if COD can be as good if not better graphically & have the same gameplay experience as the COD franchise then I'm buying it :D !

Only problem is .. COD games have never had Demos you can play for as long as I can remember,would like a Demo for Declassified :| ..

BX814065d ago

I'm just glad they improved the graphics for gamers. Trying to sell the game the way it looked before would have been criminal. lol

Baylex4065d ago

The improvements were nothing special really...
It's still a poor game...

I regret spending every penny in the Resistance, and I will regret buying this one...

I'm thinking of hiding the resistance box underneath my bed, to not have to look at it all the time and feel bad...

HarryMasonHerpderp4065d ago

Don't buy it then?

I'm going to give it a chance, will wait for the reviews.

Studio-YaMi4065d ago

You are either lying or just going with the flow,I bought Resistance:BS and it was actually pretty good,the graphics are nice & the gameplay is enjoyable,so all this "Burning Skies sucks" is just over exaggerated IMO ..!

BX814064d ago

@Baylex, really? I can't lie but I was impressed with the resistance game. Vita has a lot to prove but with games like res and uncharted, they can make dew.

Cam9774065d ago

Great news! I can't wait to buy this.

r214065d ago

One free PSP game is a nice bonus but is it good though? I'll laugh if its better than the vita CoD

USMC_POLICE4065d ago

It will be trust me I played roads to victory

r214065d ago

Well then, time for me to laugh! XD

MasterCornholio4065d ago

That doesn´t prevent Declassified from being made by extremely horrible devs.