Splinter Cell Dev: Blacklist Has 'More Realism' Than Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes

NowGamer: Splinter Cell's cinematic director has spoken to NowGamer about the differences between Blacklist and Ground Zeroes, explaining "I see it as [for] a much different audience. With our realism pillar, all of the story elements we have in Splinter Cell are much more 'current events', stuff you’d see in the news."

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Nyxus2969d ago

He is right, the series are very different and while in the same genre, have a very different way of approaching it.

krazykombatant2969d ago ShowReplies(6)
skyward2969d ago

In terms of stealth and action the series' have similarities - but it sounds like Ubi thinks they have the more mature game, rather than Kojima's sprawling, anime-inspired soap opera...

Irishguy952969d ago

Quality > realistic

+ only 4 was a soap opera

Ace_Pheonix2969d ago

However, Kojima makes his games exactly how they should be. I wouldn't want them any other way.

GenericNameHere2968d ago

It you thought MGS4 was a "soap opera", I don't know what you call MGS3.

ShinMaster2968d ago (Edited 2968d ago )

Chaos Theory HD > new SC games.

Also, MGS is Sci-Fi and doesn't try to be realistic. So what kind of pointless article is this??


Sarcasm2968d ago

I wouldn't call Splinter Cell realistic...

ProjectVulcan2968d ago

Meh. These aren't stealth 'sims'. Being the most realistic Is hardly a vital aspect of this sort of game. Telling a great story maybe, being a lot of fun definitely. Realism? Not at all.

snipes1012968d ago

I don't see how people don't find all of the overblown, melodrama that perforates every MGS game soap operatic.

morganfell2968d ago

SC is more mature? Do you think mature = simple? I say simple without an ounce of dislike as I enjoy SC titles but in the end they are rather straightforward uncomplicated affairs. MGS titles involve very complex storylines dealing with expansive socio-economic and political issues and question a great many accepted everyday beliefs. MGS titles engender the sort of more meaningful questions concerning the way we act as individuals and nations that are never asked in most games. They hint to us to think about what we see everyday and whether or not what we perceive is true and what we have is really freedom.

Anyone that believes MGS titles aren't more mature simply because they have a stronger science fiction element hasn't made it out of the 3rd grade.

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MariaHelFutura2969d ago

The imagination always trumps reality. Reality has to adhere to rules, the imagination does not. Which in the end makes for better games and movies, art in general really.

wishingW3L2968d ago (Edited 2968d ago )

The new Batman trilogy should prove you wrong. Imagination with no control or rules doesn't make for a great experience from a story-line point of view and that's why Metal Gear works and exactly why Naruto sucks so much now.

Even an anime as crazy as One Piece maintains great consistency compared to some stupid crap like PS3's Neptunia.

gintoki7772969d ago

Aren't games supposed to be not realistic so you can do things you wouldn't be able to do realistically. I rather have Kojima's cyborg ninjas and metal gears than splinter cell that is 10x cooler (in my opinion) than current events. Oh and btw Blacklist looks and plays similar to Assassin's creed.

Syntax-Error2968d ago

I still think Chaos theory was the best Splinter Cell. Graphically it was better too. Conviction was the ugliest SC in the series and turned me off. This doesn't look that much different. I will buy this game, but it will definitely be a used copy. There's no way I am supporting their decision on this title. No Ironside and no graphical upgrades equal no full retail purchase. Fuck You UbiSoft. Assassins Creed 3 is the only day one you'll get from me. PS-Ghost Recon:FS sucks and you've destroyed Rainbow Six

Tetsujin2969d ago

How about playing both games? Both are good in their own merit; just because one is "hyped" as realistic doesn't always mean it's an overall better game.

SilentNegotiator2968d ago (Edited 2968d ago )

Mechanical WMDs, ninjas and vampires, clones, etc
is less realistic than
Terrorists, assassinations, conspiracy, etc?!?!

No s***, Sherlock.
Who would argue otherwise about MGS being a more science-fiction type of game?

Jihaad_cpt2968d ago

apparently there is one person. Lol

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2968d ago (Edited 2968d ago )

If they had both of them next to each other and I had to choose a game kojima would be $60 richer. MGS actually look refreshing and not just some action hybrid for the masses who need to be pumped all the time. If they made it only for xbox I really wouldn't care. Conviction is good but to much hand holding so I can't imagine the next more casual version of splinter cell. Also MGS graphics destroy what I have seen ubi come up with.

Kojima makes the game he wants and ubi more interested in expanding to casuals.

Kojima never changes thank god.

showtimefolks2968d ago

Yeh right UBI keep making the games were you can press one button to get kills

Tag and kill a very stupid gameplay choice

I take MGS over splinter cell any day

xtremeimport2968d ago

when was metal gear ever about realism?
lol silly argument trying to make you game look better than one of the best series in gaming.

Outside_ofthe_Box2968d ago (Edited 2968d ago )

lol Exactly.

At first I was like what do they mean by realism? gameplay? story? both?

I read the article and it was about the story which holds no water whatsoever. Metal Gear's story was never realistic to begin with, yet it's one of THE best gaming franchises of all time. Every single MGS game made by Kojima is a masterpiece.

Abdou232968d ago

Video games aren't about realism, it's about FUN. MGS series are one of the most amazing series of all times. whilst Splinter Cell 1-3 was just a rip-off and SC:Conviction can't even be called a game.

Mounce2968d ago

Yea, it's like.... It's more realistic, so WHAT?

Realistic doesn't make it a better game. Is ARMA better than Metal Gear Solid too? Or is it since ARMA is the most realistic of a FPS at that, that it defines or implies it's superior? To me, I like the Sci-fi, the jokes, the parodies, the great story. Splinter Cell has great moments especially with Chaos Theory, but it's mostly male Chest-puff that you can find in most other games, the 'World' isn't as Beautiful as MG's universe. Splinter Cell might as well be compared to Jack Bauer in '24'.

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iamnsuperman2969d ago

I just wish Splinter Cell went back to what is was.

dirthurts2969d ago

Those were the golden days my friend.
Alas, they are gone, at least for a while.

HammadTheBeast2969d ago

I think Double Agent was a great balance between stealth and action. Also, it looked amazing.

Campy da Camper2968d ago

Agreed. I just finished playing the HD Chaos Theory and Pandora Tomorrow games and I had forgotten how much fun they actually were. The epitome of stealth. I even downloaded Double Agent and as it had some frame rate issues, was still a pretty cool game.

Ubisoft has simply destroyed the franchise with the last installment. Auto takedowns, almost run and gun style play....pisses me off.

I PRAY TO GOD the New Rainbow Six has not been "modernized". I cut my teeth on multiplayer Black Arrow and Vegas. I really havn't gotten into mp as much since the old days of spy vs merchs and the Rainbow games. Cod4 was great and WoW, but after MW started with all the killstreaks and whatnot I simply left mp gaming.

TheFirstClassic2968d ago

Judging by what happened to the recent ghost recon, I expect the new rainbow six will follow a similar path. Less strategy, more run and gun. Game which had large learning curves are starting to get more and more uncommon.

FarCryLover1822968d ago

I remember when EA was trying to buy Ubisoft back in like 2004 or 2005, whenever it was... and I was worried as to what they'd do with the Splinter Cell brand... Little did I know, I should have been worried about what UBISOFT would do.

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Walker2969d ago

Right, The story behind the MGS Series destroy everything .

ALLWRONG2969d ago

No one understands the MGS story

Campy da Camper2968d ago

Who cares? The game play is so addictive I don't care if Snake is chasing Pokemon.

shenpo_shin2968d ago

if your r an idiot its not our fault and stop trying finding excuses to deffend splinter cell

it WILL NEVER surpass the overall quality and sales and fans mgs has just deal with it.

and oO nobody cares about blacklist
while ground zeroes you already know its gonna be a mega hit and probably best game of the year with mutliple awards in its pockets easily.

blacklist will sale lets say around 300k MAX 700 nothing more nothing less while MGS:GS is already a 5-6mil easily

hennessey862969d ago

Is no more, they need to rename this game or just call it blacklist. The original actor is no longer being used and for any fan he is Sam fisher.

FarCryLover1822968d ago

This is true, but even if Michael Ironside was in it, it still wouldn't be Splinter Cell. ConViction was the death of the franchise.

Cam9772969d ago

I am no longer a Splinter Cell fan. Why? I saw the gameplay of Blacklist.

WeskerChildReborned2968d ago (Edited 2968d ago )

Looking forward to both games.

FarCryLover1822968d ago

Shouldn't you have no longer been a Splinter Cell fan when you saw the gameplay of COnviction???

Cam9772968d ago

I haven't looked at it as I have no Xbox.