Why Sony’s Tongue Control Patent is Making History

"When Sony first patented its unique tongue controls, many of the comments and discussions were skeptical about its applications. Is that some tool for gamers to finally ‘experience’ dating sims? Some terrible gimmick for their next console? One step closer to controlling games with our mind? It obviously doesn’t have the advantages of an actual controller, and you could even say using it to control a character in regular games would be bothersome or impossible (similar to playing a fighting game with a DDR pad—not practical, but not impossible either)."

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iamnsuperman3019d ago

It is just patent. It is highly unlikely this will ever be made (really bad part of the patent system that needs updating).

Hellsvacancy3019d ago

Its just another patent, doesnt mean there gonna use it, in 20 years time when some other company works out a method of using this tech Sony will say "Oi, we own that tech, thank you very much"

Blankman853018d ago

What is? The patent? Breathtaking patent? Oh boy I've heard it all now. I'm gonna do myself a favour and just ignore your comments from now on.

Haha1233018d ago

Cant wait for the ps4 to come out with a tongue controller and temperature wand

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The story is too old to be commented.