X06 Media Blowout

During X06 there were literally hundreds of new screenshots and videos released for various games including NFS: Carbon, Half Life 2, Call of Duty 3 and many many more. We compiled as many as we could before our fingers fell of, so why not take a look at em ...

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Eternal E 8085911d ago (Edited 5911d ago )

but damn so many good games coming out for the 360 I hope I have enough money for the ones I want to buy!

THAMMER15911d ago

There is at least 15 games i feel I need. That is $900.00 bucks.

xbox360migs5911d ago

There is some undeniably cool stuff coming out on the 360 as well as some great games already out. I have never been this stoked about a console before. I'm gonna need therapy soon.