Daily Reaction: Skyrim, Call of Duty, Capcom and the Mishandling of DLC

On today’s Daily Reaction Dan Oravasaari and Sebastian Moss discuss how some of the biggest companies in the industry handle the release and pricing of DLC. As DLC has been one of the biggest additions to the gaming industry this generation, we discuss how it has simply been used to con you out of your money, rather than to augment your gaming experience.

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doctorstrange2971d ago

I hate how DLC is done by most publishers. It's a disgrace.

dbjj120882971d ago

Which ones are doing it right, in your opinion?

black9112971d ago

I miss Duck Tales, Chip N Dale: Rescue Rangers,Goofe Troops,Darkwing Duck,Tales Spin...........

NeotheGamer2971d ago

you people need to stop being cheap bastards

knifefight2971d ago

Who's "you people" and what defines "cheap"?

VTKC2970d ago

he obviously means people who dont like to pay twice for what they already payed for.