Top 10 Women in Gaming

Today House of Geekery going to celebrate the female characters who are actually characters. Good characters. It wasn’t easy finding ten of them.

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Run_bare3511d ago

Not sure why I click on this, but I am curious. Saying that, Ada Wong should be on this list, more so than some of the women on this list.

MacDonagh3511d ago

Got some interesting selections on that list. I was more of a fan of Jack than Miranda of the ME series though.

FarCryLover1823511d ago

My favorite woman in gaming is the one that I made and told her to go into the pool and then I took the ladder away.

TheLyonKing3511d ago

I reckon when KH3 comes around Kairi will be ass kicking a bit (if you have seen the secret ending for 3d you will know what I mean)

I would have put Rikku (ffx & x2) on the list purely cause she is hot and kicks ass too double win.

All in all a predictable list but then the selection isn't monumental to choose from.

TekoIie3510d ago (Edited 3510d ago )

I liked Sam in Gears 3 :)

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