NYCC: Upcoming PlayStation Vita Games Galore

IGN - Get the lowdown on nine titles soon to be released for Sony’s handheld.

When you walk onto the New York Comic-Con show floor at Manhattan’s Javits Center, it’s immediately clear that the presence of gaming companies is larger than it was only a year ago. And Sony has carved out a little niche for itself, showing off the likes of PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale and God of War: Ascension.

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Myst2971d ago

Ragnarok Odyssey now there is a game that I want right now for my Vita

NovusTerminus2971d ago

I am wanting RO so much right now! That and P4G...

PersonaCat2971d ago

RO would have been great if it had released next week. Now that it's coming out on the 30th I have to skip AC and Liberation. Need my jrpgs!

jujubee882970d ago


I also want to check out "Rainbow Moon" for a good SRPG.

Relientk772971d ago (Edited 2971d ago )

Agree fully, give me my JRPGs

omarzy2971d ago

I wonder why SONY is not doing anything with Persona marketing in the west. The persona series is somewhat an underground franchise outside of Japan and most of the west, so some promoting would do wonders for the sales. We want this to sell well so ATLUS will want to bring more persona to the Vita. It comes out here next month, SONY. Keep that in mind!

Inception2971d ago

Bring more persona to the vita? You can play digital version of persona 1, 2, and 3 for psp in vita. Btw, sony did some advertise for P4G cause i saw a couple of P4G article in their us / euro site. Besides, even not highly popular like FF, i think a lot of western gamer already knew what persona is.

omarzy2971d ago

I mean they could make more persona for the Vita. Why would i play the psp versions if they are already on psp? The only western gamers that know what persona is are western gamers that play a lot of Japanese games.

I know this site is not always accurate, but this is incredibly low no natter how many extra sales you want to add to make up for any missing numbers if any at all.

deletingthis346753342970d ago

That is down to Atlus for the Persona games. Sony has their own games to worry about for marketing.

jesmeshd2971d ago

No declassified... What a suprise. I just wanna see some NFS, ACL and WR3 for the vita.

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The story is too old to be commented.