BootHammer | Dishonored Review

Dishonored’s story is engrossing, its characters are captivating and the marvelous sandbox based world simply delivers an amazingly rich experience. This game has generated a lot of hype during its development process and someway, somehow Arkane Studios has managed to not only meet incredibly high expectations but over deliver.

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TrendyGamers3019d ago

I'm guessing this will win your Game of the Year award?

BootHammer3019d ago

Ha, Bubble for you sir. It's a fantastic game and a refreshing change of pace. It certainly should be in the running for GOTY. There are many other great titles coming out though so the competition will be tougher than ever this year...can't wait =)

fossilfern3019d ago

WE NEED MORE GAMES LIKE THIS! Xcom and Dishonored on the same day... My weekend has been canceled!

BootHammer3019d ago

Agreed! I'll be indulging in some heavy gaming this weekend as well ;7

MattyG3019d ago

Dishonored is one of the best games this generation. Period.

BootHammer3019d ago

It certainly lived up to the hype!