Borderlands 2 Impressions - Looterific

I'm a Borderlands guy. I recognize that the first game had flaws, but for the most part, jamming an RPG into a FPS worked incredibly well. Throw delicious loot on top of it and you have me hooked. Now, three years later, the gates to Pandora open once again, this time with Handsome Jack in charge trying to impede your progress to discover a new vault. We all know the gist here, it's a shooter, there are four classes, and you level up while collecting tons upon tons of guns. The same elements are at play, so I won't recap the game. If you didn't like the gameplay from the first game, this one probably won't do too much to sway your opinion. Instead, lets focus on the new stuff. There's a huge amount of content here and I'm maybe halfway through so definitely not ready for a review. Here's my quick highlights of what I love and even a few things which could use a tweak.

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