Discover Wii U public demo tour starts on Oct. 19

Nintendo will begin their public tour of the Wii U system allowing consumers to test it out before release on Oct. 19. The tour currently only has dates in Canada but may expand to the US in the near future. There's only one week left before the system becomes open to the public to demo on this tour!

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Dr_Salvitor2973d ago

I expected as much. Month before launch they'll start spillin the Beans on Online and other features not yet made public.

Relientk772973d ago (Edited 2973d ago )

Cool, would love to try out the Wii U before it's in stores

MNGamer-N2973d ago

It'll be good to give the doubters a chance to change their mind.

MasterCornholio2973d ago

I refuse to buy this thing until i get some hands on with it. Because the controller design seems bizarre to me and i dont know if i will like it or not.

I hope that Nintendo does something similar in Europe because i really want to try the Wii U out.

Sorry for hurting anyone´s feelings with my comment.