New information on Call of Duty Black Ops II released

Just a month away from the Call Of Duty Black Ops II November 13th release date and crucial information on the game’s online multiplayer has already surfaced. The new Call of Duty, set in 2025, will return with a new arsenal that will fling the player into the center of the game’s futuristic warfare. From expansions on the games well-received zombie mode to a new ability to stream from inside of the game, we have all of the juicy info below.

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tallkidoPL3019d ago

why cod games still dont have dedicated servers and are using 4 years old engine?

ninjahunter3019d ago

ACTUALLY. They upgrade the engine with each cod release, kind of like valve uses their 8 year old engine. and to be able to afford servers for, what was it? 10 million people across the entire world? They would go bankrupt before the year was over. Sure BF3 has servers, but dice doesnt have enough servers for even 1/100th the daily community, most BF3 servers are rented by clans and such which could be deadly to the very strict competitiveness of COD(modding and such).

If you havent noticed its hard to develope games at 60fps and include split screen. and Servers do cost a lot of money monthly(Millions in the case of COD).

tallkidoPL3019d ago

Yep its hard to get 60fps on old engine,doesnt matter if its modified or not.They make billions and they cant afford dedicated servers lol

dillydadally3018d ago

Actually, you're correct about the engine, but not dedicated servers. That's the reason they tell you, but they are lying to your face. They say that for PR reasons because if they told you the truth you'd be mad.

You see, the cost of servers scales with sales, meaning that CoD does have more players and would cost more, but that's because they sold a lot more copies and MADE a lot more money. The cost for servers for one person would be the same portion of the profits from selling the game to that one person that BF spends. BF has to find something to compete on and needs larger server sizes to be fun, so they do servers with a portion of the sales from the game. Besides, there's no reason CoD couldn't allow clan servers - they do on PC and it works fine. I know id get a server.

In truth, they don't have servers because it would hurt profits more than not having them - everyone still buys the game with the awful P2P system. What reason do they have to change?

XB1_PS43019d ago

A lot of companies use the same engine for new games on the same gen. It's not always neccesary to rebuild an entire engine when it's a lot easier to make an addition to the engine to make it do what they need it to.

The dedicated serves aren't neccesary to me. I barely lag on Blops, but when I do, I leave the game and find another one. I don't complain about it.

Also, with dedicated servers, it makes it easer to find a high ping lobby and use the lag to your advantage. Which is annoying all in it's own.

No matter what they do, some people will always find something to complain about.

dillydadally3018d ago

I'm sorry sofresh but its obvious you don't understand lag at all. First, what you said about rarely experiencing lag is blatantly untrue - you just apparently aren't aware of its effects. CoD tries to hide the lag by smoothing out frames. If there's skipping frames, that means you're lagging REALLY bad.

Instead, the lag is manifested by things like you losing one on one gun battles when on your screen you shot first, you getting killed after reaching the safety of cover, your first bullet not registering, etc. These aren't things that some people don't experience because they are inherent in the p2p networking method they use. In other words its impossible for you to never have lag - you just aren't trained to notice how its screwing you over.

Second, having dedicated servers does not mean they can choose a server in a server list - there would still be matchmaking.

Third, no one would want to join a game with a poor connectiontion because it would not have the same effect as a lag switch - instead they just wouldn't be able to hit anything.

Last, unlike the engine, which i agree with you about, this is a very real reason to complain. They could add dedicated servers and fix the problems easily, but don't because it would cut into their profits and their greedy. And its blatantly untrue that it would bankrupt them. Its true that bf doesn't sell as much, but that is a benefit for CoD - they make a lot more money. The price to host servers scales with sales, meaning they sell more game copies and they'd take the same portion of that profits bf does to create servers.

XB1_PS43018d ago

@dillydadally Obvious? Really? I do know what lag is. :) I get anywhere from 20-35 kills per game. I have 100's, if not up to a thousand hours into the cod franchise. I know what bullet lag is, and I know what rubberbanding is. I rarely experience enough lag to make me upset about my bullet placement though.. I do sometimes get corner shot, but just barely.

Regarding dedicated server matchmaking. You're right, I didn't factor that in.

Also, if the multiplayer coding is the same as black ops 1, then lag sometimes helps you out. It makes bad use of lag compensation, which makes the hitbox and the player model in seperate places. So you could be shooting the character, but the hitbox is somewhere else. Host disadvantage. :)

Hazmat133019d ago

so no storyline info? fiddlesticks. "players control a VTOL" STAG is in this game? someone get the Saints! lol

Swiggins3019d ago

VTOL doesn't describe the make or model of the plane, but rather the means of take off.

VTOL states for Vertical Take Off and Landing, which essentially means that any VTOL aircraft has the ability to take off from a stationary position, like a helicopter, before then moving forward and flying traditionally.

Other VTOL Aircraft include the famous Harrier Jet and the newer American Aircraft the F-35 Lightning II.

Blastoise3019d ago

"Call of Duty: Black Ops II will now features ‘leagues,’ a matchmaking system that pairs players together based on their skill rating. The seasonal ladders in the game permit players to move up the ranks as they win matches, placing them all in different divisions. This feature capitalizes on the popularity of the Call of Duty series, separating its huge player-base and perhaps allowing more inexperienced players to give the game another chance if they find themselves ready to quit too soon."

I'm confused, is this a choice, or will every match I'm in always be against people with a K:D or Win to loss ratio that's the same as mine?

tallkidoPL3019d ago

yep its a choice,we know no1 will play it...we not make it so theres no other choice iw is so stupid...

WeskerChildReborned3019d ago

Treyarch is making the game....

FullMetalTech3019d ago (Edited 3019d ago )

Its seems its only if you want to join ladders. so its definately a choice. But dont know of the whole matchmaking system is based it.

LoneCastaway3019d ago

wow this information is so new, i didn't know this!
[be advised: SARCASM!]
rather well summarized though...

dillydadally3019d ago

Yeah, someone needs to flag this article for a misleading title. There's nothing in the entire article that hasn't been clearly revealed and detailed for like 5 months now.