Game industry pros confess their piles of shame

GamesBeat: The simple fact is this: If you game, you've got a pile of shame … that list of titles you haven’t played yet but fully intend to. Someday. Really.

Nobody likes to admit it, but few of us have the money and time to play everything we’re interested in. In fact, the number of missed opportunities just grows and grows as shiny distractions (work, family, newer games that look really cool) come into the picture. So as we come out of the summer doldrums and into a very busy gaming season, we asked some of most influential names in the industry to publicly humiliate themselves by telling us what’s still on their piles of shame.

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Sadie21002971d ago

This is funny. A lot of missed big games in there! I like Frank O'Connor's explanation for why he hasn't gotten around to Red Dead Redemption.

wita2971d ago

Haha, really fun read!

godofboobees2971d ago (Edited 2971d ago )

Awesome read

SybaRat2971d ago

I've never played any video games. What am I missing?