Should You Care About Final Fantasy III on PSP?

1UP- If you'd asked me a year ago which Final Fantasy game I expected to be playing during the Fall 2012 review season, my answer would not have been, "Final Fantasy III for PSP." And yet here we are.

Versus XIII still exists only in potentia; Final Fantasy X HD is still in the works, according to a member of the localization I spoke to during TGS, but may be slow in coming for reasons; and no less than four people I talked to at TGS (both inside and outside of Square Enix) made it very clear that the English version of Type-0 is moribund, at least in its current form (again, for reasons, but maybe not the ones you'd assume). So, congratulations, Final Fantasy III: You won the lottery. Much to my surprise.

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jc485733025d ago (Edited 3025d ago )

I want FFIII on disc. Wouldn't hurt to release a compilation of FFIII and FFIV (3D version as I already own the 2d one on the psp) on the vita. Then do a remake of V and VI bringing all the games a little more up to date.

3-4-53024d ago

A Remake of V & VI is a great idea. I've never played either but they both interest me.

jc485733024d ago

it's definitely perfect for those who are new or haven't played them. I definitely like to revisit it just for good old times' sake.

Saturne33025d ago

yes more than any FF that ever was on PS3 up to this day.

izumo_lee3025d ago

It is significant cause with the release of FF3 on the PSP every Final Fantasy game is now available on Playstation hardware.

Funny Squarenix has given so much support for Sony on their handheld but has given nearly nothing for the PS3...not a single game made by them this gen has been exclusive for the system & that is a far cry from last 2 gens where Squarenix were most successful. Ironic isn't it?

WildArmed3024d ago

Yess, I've actually never played FF3, because all the versions I found were actually FF6.

I'm looking forward to it.

dark-hollow3024d ago

Because there isn't 140+ million ps3 consoles sold to justify making FF exclusive.

3024d ago
ChunkyLover533024d ago

I already had an emulator for it on my PSP, but its good for those that haven't gotten the chance to play it.

Blastoise3024d ago

No. It wasn't particularly great on the DS and it won't be any better on PSP.

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The story is too old to be commented.