Today’s Best Discovery: Sony Wants To Patent a PS3 Move Controller That Gets Hot Or Cold

Kotaku- OK. My mind is blown. Sony published a patent this week for a video game controller that heats up or cools down as you're playing a game. It sounds kind of dangerous. And it sounds kind of awesome.

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PS3ROCKS3020d ago

I bet girls will like that. Lol

blumatt3019d ago

Imagine them getting their "lips" stuck to it like on Dumb and Dumber. Lmao

Blackdeath_6633019d ago

i like the bit where it says the controller would get cooler as you start to get sweaty hands. i sweat like fuck when playing competitively online or 2-player an automatically cooling controller is genius as far as i am concerned.

Army_of_Darkness3019d ago

say your in a hot area like hell(controller heats up) or in a cold area like Alaska(controller gets cooler), or what if your near a secret treasure and your controller gets warmer as you get closer?! that would be pretty neat.

Peppino73019d ago

Controller explodes upon death in any game.

Razmossis3019d ago

This won't happen, battery life/power simply won't allow it.

Plus, I'm sure as soon as the gimicky aspect of it wears off, people will be tired of getting sweaty hands and turn the feature off.

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SilentNegotiator3019d ago (Edited 3019d ago )

Apparently no one is capable of seeing the big (or little) picture here.

Big picture: Sony wants to own the idea for temperature changing controllers (go back in time and tell people that controllers will shake in the future; they'll laugh at that, too).

Little picture: Sony is simply filing a patent of something put together by a tiny team of engineers, just as Nintendo, Microsoft, and hundreds of other companies do every day.

hennessey863020d ago (Edited 3020d ago )

Burn you if you do the game wrong :D or give you frost bite for invalidating a lap on gt5

edgeofsins3019d ago

I could see for games like sorcery if you cast an ice spell the controller feels colder or if it is warm then you cast fire.

AzaziL3019d ago

I'm thinking if it ever gets used (which i honestly doubt for at least the next decade), it'll be like how rumble is used, it'll reflect the environment your in. Running through the desert, it gets warm, run through the artic, it gets cold, that sort of stuff.

Of course an even more useful way would be to detect your body temp, if your getting too hot on a hot day, the controller cools you down, visa versa on a winter day.

jerethdagryphon3020d ago

actually this indicates 3 things

sony isnt done with move tech

sony sees the need for further player involvment

sony is still on there game in designing interesting things

TheUndertaker853020d ago

I agree. While the patent itself might not be the next big thing it does show Sony still wants a future for the Move.

I hope that when Sony decides to announce PS4 they announce Move support for it at launch with a better camera. The Move tech is pretty solid right now but I couldn't ever help feeling that it would benefit more from having a better camera with it. A 720p or even 1080p camera for my PS3/PS4 would be nice and might potentially help those Move games more.

SilentNegotiator3019d ago

Actually, it only indicates one thing:

They're trying to own the idea on game controllers changing temperatures.

They could transfer that to ANY controller.

Hozi3019d ago

are you kidding me? they release the move not too long ago and you expect them to be done with it so easily?

they have to make back their dollars ya know. Move aint cheap.

Relientk773020d ago

I am trying to think the types of games this technology would work for. It could work for point and click games, when looking for certain items. The controller would be cold if you are far off, and hot if you are close.

Anon19743020d ago (Edited 3020d ago )

Who knows if this will ever even see the light of day. I'd be interested to see how they think they'd use something like this, but I doubt this will ever hit the market. I remember back before the PS3 launched, Sony patented a system which would "sign" copies of your software onto your console so only your console could play those games. I remember Microsoft patented tech that would allow them to censor audio feeds in real time, presumably for use with XBL. This are just a couple of examples.

Still, it's nice to see they're playing around with different ideas. I'll never fault a company for trying out new tech.

Soldierone3019d ago

When Drake is stuck in the snow in Uncharted, the controller will be cold. When Kratos is stuck in hell, the controller will be hot.

If someone reaches out and touches your character, the controller can be warmer.

Also warm and cold temps can also entice emotions in you. Along with that it can help change the gaming environment as if the controller is uncomfortable hot or cold, it will make you think much differently, possibly force you to make poor decisions to make the controller go back to normal.

Relientk773019d ago (Edited 3019d ago )

I was thinking of that, when Nathan Drake is in the snowy locations it would get cold, then in the deserts it would get hot

iamnsuperman3020d ago

The heat feedback would be interesting when shooting a weapon but it is just a gimmick and I see (if this was implemented) it being used as a gimmick like most non essential things

Sheikh Yerbouti3019d ago

Think of it like the dual shock. Imagine a fire hazard, or even ubiquitous gunfire. A gimmick, but a gimmick can evolve to be a feature.

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