NBA Assured By EA Next NBA Live Will Meet 'Mutual Standard Of Excellence'

Joystiq- The NBA said it will "continue to work together with [EA] as we always have," when recently asked about the cancellation of NBA Live 13.

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NYC_Gamer3512d ago (Edited 3512d ago )

I'm happy 2K is kicking EA ass every year with the NBA games...Will be waiting for the day when the EA/NFL exclusive deal is finished.

crxss3511d ago

i'm sure 2K's waiting for that day as well. who knows, they may have a build ready and just need to fix bugs and are just patiently waiting for 2013 when that deal ends

2pacalypsenow3511d ago

what makes you think Just cuz 2k5 was good a new 2k football game would be automatically good? and also 2k13 has tons of flaws

NYC_Gamer3511d ago

Its not hard Madden gameplay has been lackluster since 2K5

2pacalypsenow3511d ago

@NYC_Gamer what would you do differently

Shacojin3512d ago

They will undoubtedly just buy up the NBA License and give the middle finger to 2K

Simon_Brezhnev3512d ago

I would be mad as hell if they do that. I doubt they could right now with all the money they losing.

Belking3511d ago (Edited 3511d ago )

They already tried and the NBA said hell

They will never match the progress made by 2k games. NBA 2k series is hands down the best sports series ever created. Even better than FIFA IMO. No one presents a game like 2k. EA knows this and that's why they went after the NFL and NBA licenses. Next football game from 2K will be NCAA in about 2 years.

CcreapMurda3103511d ago

After 3 years they better come with a game thats up to snuff, but I doubt it.

jaymart2k3511d ago

Keep telling yourself that EA if it helps you sleep at night.