31 Days of Terror - Day 12 - Manhunt -

It’s day 12 and it’s Manhunt! One of the most controversial games of all time looks a little tame by today’s standards. While not really a “scary” game, it is pretty disturbing so it makes a good addition to out list.

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BlackTar1873019d ago

Loved manhunt.

Wish they would do a part 3 with the original team

NYC_Gamer3019d ago

I wouldn't want Manhunt 3 since it would be full of censorship

mafiahajeri3019d ago (Edited 3019d ago )

My favorite single player experience ever sad the sequel didn't live up to the original...

The music was also scary. Also I was on the phone once while playing I didn't press start and it was in the mental asylum and when I got back the director told me " you better move it cash or do you want me to tell them where your hiding?" That was scary! Almost as scary as fighting pigsty.

GhettoBlasStarr3019d ago

I was just thinking about this game. Since RE6 failed to be a horror game, I thought about what was the last game that gave me a thrill.

I wish they'd give this game a Graphic Makeover for this Gen or the Next, that would be worth any price IMO