My 2 Cents: "The Last of Us Probably Won't Sell Very Well"

"I couldn’t tell you why Resistance or Infamous couldn’t break the 5 million mark, but it’s a telling stat that a large percentage of PS3 owners either aren’t interested in these titles or they’re completely unaware of their existence. This has to change."

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Cupid_Viper_33026d ago

"I couldn’t tell you why Resistance or Infamous couldn’t break the 5 million mark"

But I can, It's quite simple you see, Very few games gets to sell 5 million units ever. You can't a system this Generation that has more than 10 games to break that mark, yet each system have hundreds of games that came out for them.

GribbleGrunger3026d ago (Edited 3026d ago )

Yes and the 'relative' nature of the internet can only deduce that 3 million is bad simply based on the fact that some games hit higher numbers. It's handy to exaggerate a point to prove one, so let's say a game comes out and sells 30 million in it's first week and then the following year the follow up sells 33 million. From that point on, 10 million would be seen as a 'relative' failure.

We've had this debate so many times on this and many other sites and the answer is very simple: Sony offer a very broad appeal for their PS3 so of course there's also going to be a very broad appeal for certain games. If you advertise your console as a FPS console, then of course you are going to attract people who like FPS and a FPS game will sell very well on your console... You'll end up with high sales of FPSs but a lack of interesting and imaginative content as a consequence.

It's not complex. It's not a mystery.

The Last Of Us will be a fantastic game, there is no doubt. Will it sell extraordinarily well to such a diverse userbase who are not sold on just one genre? Maybe not. Will it be successful? YEP!

Game0N3026d ago

How does 10 million sound?

Blankman853026d ago

How come the highest selling games on ps3 are FPS then? Sony didn't market it as such.
Awaits your explanation.

GribbleGrunger3026d ago (Edited 3026d ago )

Because once a whole generation of gamers have been exposed to FPS and deem it 'fashionable' to play certain well known franchises, they too get drawn into that narrow band of thinking. Most young men succumb eventually, partly because of peer pressure and partly because of a lack of imagination.

But it still doesn't change what I said overall about why Sony doesn't always sell a ton of one particular genre. What I said still applies. People buy the PS3 for many many reasons, whilst others buy another console for very few reasons. You may see this as a flimsy, cop out but when debating one particular issue, it's necessary to focus on the subject generally; otherwise I'd have sub-clauses every other word and the message would lose clarity.

demonddel3026d ago

GribbleGrunger man You one crazy dude

sikbeta3026d ago

TLoU will not sell as well as it deserves because Sony doesn't know how to advertise and when, they'll probably put a 15 second ad 3 days before the game comes out and sure the game will compete a huge franchise, like U3 did last year, it's a shame, ND deserve more sales than what they actually get.

baodeus3026d ago (Edited 3026d ago )


As weird as it sounds I bought x360 because of RPGs and racing where they use to be a PS brand strong point. U seems to assume and generalized but doesn't look at what each console have as a whole. If u look at everything overall, u know PS and Xbox are pretty dead even in having variety of genra.

Why most if not all arguments always seem so one sided in every post?

But u r right in that FPS is currently the trend.

maniacmayhem3026d ago (Edited 3026d ago )


I'm with Baodeus, I bought the 360 because they kept reporting they would have more RPGs and a lot of Japanese companies where backing them in support for RPGs. I don't remember 360 being advertised as THE FPS machine. I think that is completely false.

And the excuse of "PS3 games don't sell because there's too much variety" is pure BS. It's almost as bad as the tired saying of "sony doesn't advertise enough", it's like some people will come up with any other reason as to why a Sony game doesn't do well.

***Most young men succumb eventually, partly because of peer pressure and partly because of a lack of imagination.***

So the reason people buy the 360 is because MS marketed it as such but the reason FPS's are #1 on PS3 is because people were peer pressured or didn't have imagination? I guess it has nothing to do with actually LIKING a game and playing it more than another. And peer pressured? Seriously? This isn't some after school special.

As Baodeus stated your arguments hold no weight and are truly leaning on one side and lack proof to boot.

Nimblest-Assassin3026d ago

Essentially the article in one sentence



zeeshan3026d ago

I could care less. As long as I can get my copy, I am good and I can't freakin' wait!

By the way, if Heavy Rain, a completely "different" game can sell in millions, I see no reason why LAST OF US won't. It seem to have everything! Action, horror, suspense, great story, great fight sequences, great AI, great environment, great music, great graphics. Need I say more?

gaffyh3025d ago

Thing is though, it might not sell 5 million, but it will definitely sell 2 million and that is enough for Sony, because they keep 100% of the profits as the game is first party. However, if they market this game like they did with Uncharted 2, which was one of the best marketed games in recent Sony history, they will get a lot of interest in this game.

The best ad campaign I've ever seen for a game this generation was Halo 3, which was plastered everywhere in the UK. I saw it on the buses for about 2 weeks, as well as in print ads, online ads and TV ads.

Eyeco3025d ago (Edited 3025d ago )

I fully agree with you man but its also worth pointing out that Sony is pi$$ poor at marketing this is no secret, the reality is when a game like Killzone 2 or even Uncharted 2 came out those games sales could be attributed to word of mouth and Internet hype. I remember the marketing for those games being almost none existent.

And its really sad, I've said this before, but a game that should have flown out the door was LBP when you look at the universal appeal of that game, anyone could get into it, it should have been the best selling game on the PS3, if Microsoft or Nintendo had a game like that, LBP would have sold at least 10 million, seriously look at their marketing power , if Nintendo can make piece of [email protected] like Wii Play sell almost 30 million worldwide, think of what they could have done with a game like LBP, its all down to marketing people, something that Sony has never really been good with.

Peppino73025d ago

Sony relies heavily on word of mouth for advertisements. Although that works, maximizing the exposure of this game will need more. You're going to need commercials, magazine ads, etc.
There are times I've walked into game stores and seen games I've never heard of. I wouldn't be surprised if companies didn't make any money off those games. How does a regular family get to know about certain games if its not for ads or their kid asking for it. They don't.

Sales don't equal success, but the argument here according to the title is about SALES. Especially a NEW IP, needs MAXIMUM exposure, otherwise don't expect tremendous sales. Can't wait to play this.

I'll have 1 copy of its millions sold.

Ezz20133025d ago (Edited 3025d ago )

maniacmayhem & baodeus

plz point me to ps3 exclusives that don't sell well
(with a prove please)

uncharted games
killzone games
god of war games
GT games
etc of the long list of ps3 exclusives
all of them are over the 3+ million mark

i never knew that 3m sales mean the games are failure
only on N4g i guess
and i thought this site is pro sony
but after a quick look
it only all about anti sony articles (based on opinions)

pixelsword3025d ago

"The Last of Us Probably Won't Sell Very Well"

I'm starting to reject game sites which have an "x" as the first letter for PS3 news...

morganfell3025d ago (Edited 3025d ago )

Let me see if I understand this. First Dualshockers publishes an article with this title:

"Why Sony Should Exit The Console Hardware Business"

Now some person called Dualshockers Carlos submits this article also dooming Sony. Pattern of hate? Agenda? One is owned by Dan Curtis and the other by Joel Taveras but the evidence is pretty clear.

BattleAxe3025d ago (Edited 3025d ago )

My Opinion is Only Worth 2 Cents: "The Last of Us Probably Won't Sell Very Well"


Beastforlifenoob3025d ago

Sony's Advertising is improving so i'm suspecting decent sales, I watched Taken 2 in the cinemas in Australia last night, my popcorn box had a ps-vita ad and my coca cola had a Littlebigplanet vita ad, so let's hope this golden baby the last of us sells. I would like more slow paced games like these in the market

Sarcasm3025d ago

I think its telling that consumers and the rest of the industry agree that Sony's advertising campaign's suck. They might have one or two hits like the Kevin Butler thing, but then they lose it with the rest of their games.

That's why I don't give a damn about Will Wright being fired. He was probably just as useless as the rest of the Sony PR and deserved to be fired.

Microsoft on the other hand knows how to market the 360 and its games. I mean heck, look as the millions of Kinect's sold despite the lackluster peripheral.

DarkHeroZX3025d ago

I can give you 3 reasons why this game will be successful and possibly sell 5 million +

Uncharted 1
Uncharted 2
Uncharted 3 all say hi!!!

And the fact that this game was made buy the naughty gods means that alone will push sales.

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Muffins12233026d ago

I would say the last of us wont sell allot,but i think it will sell decently and sell more than killzone and resistance...

Thatguy-3103026d ago

It will do over 2 million which is by no mean a Fail in the sales department. Yea it won't reach gear of wars or halo numbers but how many games do? Quality over quantity and that's what this game is all about. I'm positive it will do great in the market.

KwietStorm_BLM3026d ago

I would give you a plus for common sense, but I had to settle for intelligent. You see people all throughout this generation talking about how PS3 games should sell more. Well, maybe some of them should, but I see completely new IPs like inFamous, Heavy Rain, and LittleBigPlanet doing 2 million+ each, and people act like that's nothing. Its hard or rare enough for a multiplatform game to "guarantee" 5 million sold, so naturally, an exclusive has its work cut out for itself. All one has to do is look at the numbers to see that 5 mil doesn't happen a lot or overnight.

shenpo_shin3026d ago

LBP sold more than 4 mil
same for LBP 2

learn some facts before throwin numbers

joab7773026d ago

I think it has to do with a few things. Firsr, sony doesnt advertise well for these games, especially killzone. And while infamous was really good, R3 & K3 , while being really good, had no adverstising while streamling and taking out many thinhs people loved.

The one exception for sony studios has been naughty dog, the mother studio. They get more support than the others combined. The last of us will sell very well. I think it could break records. But, this does depend on many things. Time will tell.

uncharted563026d ago

Halo sells more then that every year. Im not a fanboy in fact Im a proud owner of a PS3 but Im sorry SONY has been the dumbest console company this generation. They just dont fucking understand the power of advertising. I really hope they advertise the shit out of Last Of Us like Halo 3 was. I want to see this gem sell millions.

Cupid_Viper_33026d ago

So A company who sells you a system at $200.00 dollars below the manufacturing cost, and doesn't sacrifice a game's budget for the sake of advertisement is dumb?

I don't mean to be disrespectful and I apologize in advance if I am, but you guys have to be some of the dumbest gamers ever, of any generation.

You're praising Halo, a franchise that has more money going to marketing than the actual games themselves....smh

MySwordIsHeavenly3026d ago

Amen, sir.

+Bubble for "Well Said" on you. ;)

zeeshan3026d ago

@Cupid: Well said! Bubbles for you my friend!

MYSTERIO3603026d ago (Edited 3026d ago )

@Cupid_Viper_3 i complete understand where your coming from but i would have to agree with uncharted56.

I for one would totally not want a games budget to be sacrificed for the sake of advertising. But the sad fact is regardless of the games overall quality advertising sells it.

Don't take my work for it look at CODS recent success,they advertised the shit out of MW2 and now it sells millions. I personally know people who dislike the game but will still buy it because their friends have it. All this is a result of great advertising of a game which was overvalued. If not COD look at halo 3.

I know the uncharted series has gotten some advertising but i wish games like Killzone and Resistance were advertised more. I think with good advertising the last of us could sell well over 3million.

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DigitalAnalog3026d ago (Edited 3026d ago )

"Now, I’m not saying this is going to happen to The Last of us but in this climate, it seems like most people would rather go for the flashing lights than go for a static dose of realism. It’s no rocket science, mass appeal is real and it does affect games like The Last of us, time and time again."

This is probably the only part of the article that justifies the title. HOWEVER, in light of the events of DayZ and the like, you cannot make a consensus based on "casual" purchases alone. Contrary to what you may believe there are MILLIONS of "core" gamers out there who spends most of their time contemplating what game to buy and when they do, it's usually in the masses. Whether it's niche titles like Heavy Rain, Journey or Demon Souls or mass appeal games like Gears or Halo. "Core" gamers do make a difference in gaming and I'm glad there a few studios let alone a non-dependent one to take risks like this.

Going back to ND, they have a track record for selling multi-milllion IP's per generation. So the benefit of the doubt goes to their history. The studio is probably one of the few where the name alone has more marketing power than the IP it produces itself.

ElitaStorm3026d ago

why would i care about sell nr when i know that iam going to buy it?

BluEx6103025d ago

I care about sales because I want good producers like Naughty to get what they deserve and also to show that hard work pays off. The more sales = the more chance it has for a sequel. So this is one of those games that I want it to sell well, just so I can see a trilogy just like the Uncharted series.

SilentNegotiator3026d ago

Under FIVE million is this guy's "not selling well" mark?

Jaces3026d ago

Sony only has to advertise who's heading up TLoU and it'll sell millions in no time. ND has that kind of track record, lol.

In truth though, I don't mind if it sells under 5 million. I think any number over 1 million would be a victory for that developer..I mean when you think about it that's a lot of people, and if it's sold that much it'll only grow over time.

I know one thing is fact, I'm buying it day one.

MostJadedGamer3025d ago

Of the 11 PS3 that have sold 5 million or more only 3 of them are exclusive. While of the 18 360 games that have sold 5 million or more 8 of them have been exclusive.

8 of 18 is a lot better then 3 of 11. PS3 exclusives have just not done well.

Jaces3025d ago

5 of those are from the same franchise and the other 3 are from another.

Both are shooters...well one is 3rd but it's practically the same thing. What about MS's other exclusives? lol, nice spin. I'd rather be given a choice for exclusives than force fed the same thing over and over.

-Superman-3025d ago

Company name alone sells this game alot

aquamala3025d ago (Edited 3025d ago )

It's a shame infamous 2 only sold 1.2 million, great game

The truth is that these are the type of games people buy used and trade them in, people keep cod's for a long time to play with their friends

paddystan3025d ago

Sony jsut need to have written in the back of the cover "From the makers of the critically acclaimed Uncharted series". And BAM, it will sell.

showtimefolks3025d ago

I believe it will because by the time it comes out ps3 install base will be over 70 million. And if Sony spends a little like they did with uncharted 3 than this game can do 5-8 million

Also btw like many ave said before me in comments that not every game is gonna do 5 million not every game is even gonna do 3 million. LOOK AY BIOSHOCK IT DIDN'T SET THE RECORD FOR SALES. Sales are just for fanboys so they can feel good about the product they are supporting.

Infamous 2 came out in worst time it didn't make sense with release date and with e3 over shadowing it people forgot about it and there was ZERO advertisement yet with infamous collection now out and selling well I believe Infamus IP overall has done well and will be one Sony will work with in future

Beyond 2 souls I have more doubts about in sales but i a getting it day one but many sites are reporting problems with controls that control the ghost. Hopefully QD will use some basic game controls too instead of all QTE.

LOU will be a strong GOTY contender but 2013 is gonna be so big that which ever games win2013 GOTY has to do something really special

Beyond 2 souls
Last of us
Tomb raider

From top of my head those game will be strong GOTY contenders

miyamoto3016d ago

"Sales are just for fanboys so they can feel good about the product they are supporting."

+1 Bubble for you

I know who you are talking about there - "the kids".

If gamers will only mature up like many in the movie industry during the times of the The Matrix & TLOTR we might see a brighter future for the gaming industry.

I will support TLOU for one of many reasons: it won't likely to be pirated in the millions mark like on the 360 & Wii or PC.

That means value for me.

It means money for those who deserve it.

Money for Sony's outstanding victory over piracy.

And its a must have for my Naughty Dog collection.

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-Mezzo-3026d ago (Edited 3026d ago )

This Article In A Few Words: "Some PS3 Exclusives Didn't Sell, So I Don't Thing Last of Us Will Sell Well".

This is barely a Forum Post let alone an Opinion Piece.

smashman983026d ago

I can see where you're coming from but I'm sure last of us will
sell, people love the post apocalypse I'd be more worried about Playstation all stars or beyond 2 souls but thanks to people loving the end of the world, I know for a fact Last of us will break 5 million easy

Y_51503026d ago

A checklist for it to be successful:
1.Naughty Dog making it. CHECK
2.Has zombie-like creatures. CHECK
3.Naughty Dog. CHECK
#3 implies the credibility of the developer.

Dualshockers_Carlos3026d ago

That number 3 is very important. Had it been by another developer, would the interest level be the same?

smashman983026d ago

sure it could depends on which devs

HammadTheBeast3026d ago

If it was Nihilistic I would've cried.

srcBFMVBMTH3026d ago (Edited 3026d ago )


Agreed, couldn't have said it better myself. lol

"I couldn’t tell you why Resistance or Infamous couldn’t break the 5 million mark, but it’s a telling stat that a large percentage of PS3 owners either aren’t interested in these titles or they’re completely unaware of their existence."

LMAO, same thing can be said about 360 exclusives.

"I couldn’t tell you why Crackdown or Fable couldn’t break the 5 million mark, but it’s a telling stat that a large percentage of 360 owners either aren’t interested in these titles or they’re completely unaware of their existence."

Anyways, these games don't NEED to break 5 million to justify being made. Just enough to make profit and warrant the developer to make a sequel, or a new IP.

Ezz20133025d ago (Edited 3025d ago )

and the fact that they use sales only when they favor them
when any ps3 fan show reviews or awards as of why ps3 exclusives are some of the best this gen and top all of xbox exclusives
they use the sales of halo and gears the only two exclusives games that sell over 4+m on xbox

but when ps3 use sales of games like GT5 over Forza games
they use reviews

this only show how much hypocrite both sides

Silly gameAr3026d ago

Oh oh. It's the season of the sales articles again.